Administrative Policies

The University is governed by policies set by the Board of Regents Bylaws and Academic Affairs (Policies & Procedures), the University of Louisiana System, and the University of New Orleans.  UNO Administrative Policies are organized by the office responsible for implementation.

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New AP # Name of Policy Reviewed/Revision Date
AP-OP-01.1 Policy Development and Revision  7/18/2016
AP-OP-02.2 Use of University Funds for Entertainment  7/18/2016
AP-OP-03.2 Flexible Work Hours  7/18/2016
AP-OP-04.3 Tobacco Use-Free Campus  5/23/2016
AP-OP-05.2 Exchange Visitor Program - Policies and Procedures for Employing Non-Immigrant Foreign Nationals  9/02/2016
AP-OP-06.2 Fringe Benefits Tax Classification for Complimentary Tickets              7/18/2016
AP-OP-08.2 Public Records Requests        7/19/2016
AP-OP-09.2 UNO Disaster Emergency Plans    6/13/2016
AP-OP-10.2 Americans with Disabilities Act  6/09/2017
AP-OP-11.2 UNO Program, Environmental Health and Safety   7/06/2016
AP-OP-14.2 Important Campus Visitors  9/02/2016
AP-OP-15.2 Record Retention  7/19/2016
AP-OP-16.2 Missing Student  7/19/2016
AP-OP-17.2 Employee Recognition Program  4/05/2017
AP-OP-18.1 Intercollegiate Athletics - Room & Board Stipend  7/19/2016
AP-OP-19.3 Use of University Seal  7/12/2016
AP-OP-20.2 University Stationery  7/12/2016
AP-OP-21.2 University Printed Materials  7/12/2016
AP-OP-22.2 Private Use of Official University Insignia, Titles, Stationery, Envelopes, etc.  7/12/2016
AP-OP-23.2 Use of University Indicia  7/12/2016
AP-OP-24.2 Centers and Institutes  1/10/2017
AP-OP-25.2 Outside Employment 10/31/2017
AP-OP-26.1 Authorizing Contracts Between the Unviersity and a Member of the Faculty, Research Staff, or Coaching Staff or a Company in which the Employee has an Interest Under Specified Circumstances 10/31/2017

Academic Affairs

New AP # Name of Policy Reviewed/Revision Date
AP-AA-01.3 Authority and Responsibilities of Academic Deans, AVPs and Directors    1/26/2018
AP-AA-02.2 Departmental Governance - Academic Departments   4/10/2014
AP-AA-03.2 Preparation of Instructional Schedules for Credit Courses   7/23/2015
AP-AA-04.2 Use of Academic Facilities   5/09/2014
AP-AA-05.2 Determination of Credit Hours for a Distance Education Course   8/01/2014
AP-AA-06.2 Credentials Files for Graduates and Master's and Doctoral Level Students   7/01/2014
AP-AA-07.2 Graduate Faculty   7/01/2014
AP-AA-08.2 Oral and Written Reprimands of Faculty and Academic Staff   4/04/2014
AP-AA-09.2 Evaluation of Educational Programs and Courses offered through Consortial and Contractual Agreements   5/02/2014
AP-AA-10.2 Substantive Change Request    6/26/2014
AP-AA-11.2 Privacy and Access to Student Records    6/06/2012
AP-AA-12.2 FERPA Compliance   8/15/2014
AP-AA-13.3 Teaching Credentials for Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants     03/22/2018
AP-AA-15.3 Textbook Adoption & Procurement   5/03/2017
AP-AA-16.3 Non-credit Instructional and Fund-Raising Activities 12/20/2017
AP-AA-17.3 Data Classification and Data Security   01/03/2018
AP-AA-18.3 Dismissal of Tenured Faculty   3/10/2017
AP-AA-20.2 Field Trips   4/04/2014
AP-AA-21.3 Faculty Appointments   1/26/2018
AP-AA-22.2 Faculty Workload   7/01/2014
AP-AA-23.3 Academic Department Chairperson/School Director Responsibilities, Roles, and Authority 10/04/2017
AP-AA-24.3 Acceptable Use for Information Technology   7/31/2018
AP-AA-25.2 Graduate Assistants   3/31/2017
AP-AA-28.2 Access Control   2/07/2014
AP-AA-29.2 Commercial Test Administration   2/07/2014
AP-AA-30.3 Alcohol and Drugs   9/28/2017
AP-AA-31.3 Demonstration, Mass Protest, Distribution of Literature, and Freedom of Expression   9/18/2017
AP-AA-32.3 Anti-Hazing   9/27/2017
AP-AA-33.2 Weapons on Campus   4/25/2014
AP-AA-34.3 Student and Student Organization Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities   9/27/2017
AP-AA-35.1 Faculty of Professional Practice 12/15/2016
AP-AA-36.1 Commencement   2/17/2017
AP-AA-37.1 Transfer of Faculty to/from Administrative Appointment   3/01/2018

Business Affairs

New AP # Name of Policy Reviewed/Revision Date
AP-BA-04.2 Energy Management and Conservation  10/31/2017
AP-BA-05.2 Repair and Alteration of Physical Facilities  10/31/2017
AP-BA-06.2 Optional Pay (Civil Service)   07/01/2018
AP-BA-07.2 Budgeting of Student Services Fee Apportioned in Student Referendum of August 1987  04/18/2014
AP-BA-08.2 Shared Sick Leave Program  08/26/2016
AP-BA-09.2 Substance and Alcohol Abuse (Employees)  04/17/2017
AP-BA-14.2 Guidelines for Soliciting or Selling on Campus    2/02/2015
AP-BA-15.2 Grants and Contracts - Recover Rates of Facilities and Administrative Costs and Employee Benefits    7/22/2016
AP-BA-16.2 Travel Expense Reimbursement, Travel and Non-Travel Advance Authorization and Settlement    7/20/2016
AP-BA-17.3 Payment of Contractual Services  10/31/2017
AP-BA-18.3 Payment of Honoraria  10/31/2017
AP-BA-19.2 Cash Management and Investment    7/02/2016
AP-BA-20.2 Extraordinary Qualifications/Credentials (Civil Service)    6/01/2017
AP-BA-21.2 Sponsorship of Faculty and Staff for Lawful Permanent Residency    3/28/2014
AP-BA-22.2 Employment of International Faculty, Staff and Students    3/28/2014
AP-BA-23.2 Student Employment - Federal Work-Study and Budget    4/26/2017
AP-BA-25.3 Employee Receivables  11/02/2017
AP-BA-26.2 Clearance of Employees Terminating Employment with the University    4/11/2014
AP-BA-29.2 Employees' Personal Responsibility for Notebook Computers    3/21/2014
AP-BA-32.2 Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation    3/15/2017
AP-BA-33.2 Guidelines for Search Committees for Major Administrative Positions    4/04/2014
AP-BA-35.2 Equal Employment Opportunity    4/17/2017
AP-BA-36.3 Employee Drug Testing  10/31/2017
AP-BA-37.2 Reduced Tuition for Eligible Employees and Dependents    8/03/2016
AP-BA-38.2 Spending & Financial Reporting Policy for LA Board of Regents Endowments    7/22/2016
AP-BA-39.3 Additional Compensation & Compensation Limits: Academic and Non-Classified Employees    8/11/2017
AP-BA-40.2 Campus Wide Evaluation of University Administrators    5/20/2017
AP-BA-41.2 Attendance Leave Records    3/28/2014
AP-BA-42.2 Pre-Employment Background Screening    1/01/2015
AP-BA-43.2 Unclassified Staff Appointments    1/01/2015
AP-BA-45.2 Performance Appraisal Requirements for Classified, Unclassified, and Academic Employees    4/28/2014
AP-BA-46.3 Unclassified Pay    9/13/2017
AP-BA-47.2 Employee Discipline    3/28/2014
AP-BA-48.2 Use of University Vehicles    3/14/2014
AP-BA-49.2 University of New Orleans Employee Code of Conduct    3/28/2014
AP-BA-51.2 Telecommuting  10/31/2017
AP-BA-52.3 Employee Mandatory Training  10/31/2017
AP-BA-54.2 Domestic Violence in the Workplace    3/15/2017
AP-BA-55.3 Nepotism    9/13/2017
AP-BA-56.2 Transitional Return to Work for Employees on Workers' Compensation    5/03/2017
AP-BA-58.2 Accident Reports Involving Non-Employees    8/03/2016
AP-BA-59.2 Driver Safety Program    8/03/2016
AP-BA-60.1 Agency Accounts    5/08/2017

 Research and Economic Development

New AP # Name of Policy Reviewed/Revision Date
AP-RE-01.2 Grants and Contracts - Evaluation and Approval Procedures   2/14/2014
AP-RE-02.4 Additional and Summer Compensation Charged to Grants and Contracts for Academic Year Appointments          8/11/2017
AP-RE-03.2 Intellectual Property   2/14/2014
AP-RE-05.2 Compliance with Export Control Laws and Regulations   2/14/2014
AP-RE-07.2 Close-out of Expired Fixed-Price Contracts and Disposition of Unexpended or Overdrawn Fund Balances   5/11/2017
AP-RE-08.2 Research Conflict of Interest   2/18/2016