Dear Members of the University of New Orleans Community:

Throughout its existence, the University of New Orleans has been one of the region’s foremost public assets by serving as a hub for scholarship, research, discovery, creativity and service. The institution was founded on the principles of academic excellence and accessibility, and those attributes remain central to the University’s mission today. Through determination and a willingness to overcome challenges, the institution and our graduates have achieved so much. In spite of that success, we remain committed to reaching our full potential.

We are grateful to the previous administration and the members of the Strategic Planning Committee who, in 2013-14, crafted the original version of UNO 2020, our strategic plan for 2015-2020. In 2016, a new Strategic Planning Committee was formed in order to update the plan so that it is better aligned with the current priorities and direction of the University. We are thankful to that committee for its important work. We are proud to present this revised plan, which offers a blueprint for us to reach our aspiration—to be broadly recognized as one of the finest metropolitan research institutions in the nation.

The information contained in UNO2020 has been crafted by individuals from a broad cross-section at the University. This living document reflects the shifts that committee members see as necessary for our growth and development. All members of the University of New Orleans community will be asked to help us achieve these goals in an innovative, collaborative and flexible manner. We will make progress by effectively using our resources and adapting to meet changing demands. We will help shape the University of tomorrow by implementing this plan today.


John W. Nicklow 


Goal One

Ensure high-quality academic programs which will prepare students for success in globally competitive, multicultural, and changing environment.  Read more.

Goal Two

Provide a supportive and student-centered learning environment for high-achieving, diverse, and motivated students that enhance their success.  Read more.

Goal Three

Maintain a high-quality faculty and staff that support a student-centered, metropolitan research university.  Read more.

Goal Four

Strengthen UNO's research and creative activity.  Read more.

Goal Five

Maintain and manage every UNO campus facility in an ecologically, economically, and socially sound manner.  Read more.

Goal Six

Broaden UNO's image as a premier university at the regional, national and international level while expanding our connection to the community.  Read more.