Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences (PIES) is a partnership of scientists and educators that combines rigorous scientific analysis with education, outreach, and planning to develop practical solutions to environmental challenges of the Pontchartrain Basin, the Gulf of Mexico, and similar coastal ecosystems in the United States and elsewhere in our world.


The primary mission of the Pontchartrain Institute is to assist in dealing with our region's environmental and infrastructure challenges by fostering interactions among professionals with expertise in basic and applied environmental research, including those skilled in environmental management, social sciences, and planning.

PIES staff work with academic institutions, government agencies, and environmental organizations to provide information critical to preserving and restoring the environmental quality of the Pontchartrain Basin.

The Institute brings together the technical expertise and understanding needed to address issues such as water quality, critical habitats, biodiversity, and coastal restoration strategies from departments throughout the University of New Orleans.

Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences contributes to the mission of the University of New Orleans in its three areas of responsibility: research, graduate and undergraduate training, and public educational outreach and service.

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