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We have teams that work with students divided by alphabet consisting of Freshman, Transfer, Financial Aid, International, and Student Success Counselors, as well as, Financial Aid Validators, and First Year Advisors.

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The PEC is the University of New Orleans' "one-stop shop" for enrollment services. Staff at the PEC can assist students with academic advising, financial aid, admissions, registering for classes, paying fee bills, obtaining parking decals, and any other enrollment needs.

About the PEC


105 Earl K. Long Library


8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

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The PEC will be able to handle all of your enrollment needs in one location. Students may enter through a glass door and head to the counters where enrollment services personnel will assist them. Behind the counters will be offices for support staff ― so that if a student brings an issue that an enrollment services person can't handle, that student will still be able to get immediate answers.

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