For Industry

We welcome your interest in the University’s research, know-how and technologies. We look forward to partnering with you to bring to market our innovations and benefit the wider public. University innovations can help you gain competitive advantages, but due to their early stage, generally require additional investment and development. Our office manages the University’s intellectual property from Technology Disclosure to licensing, and oversees the transfer of University research to industry. Technologies are licensed both to established companies and start-ups. We are eager to promote entrepreneurship and foster economic development and when a technology presents itself as a start-up opportunity we will work with newly formed or established start-ups.  A list of technologies available for license will soon be posted on our website.

For more information about our available technologies and research capabilities we encourage you to contact our office. Only by knowing your specific needs are we able to match you up with our various resources (faculty expertise, new technologies, and our unique research resources).

If you identify a promising technology that you feel could be the basis of one of your company’s new products and would like to gain more detailed information about the technology feel free to download our standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA) , fill-in the relevant information and then fax us the completed, partially signed agreement for our countersignature. Once the NDA is in place we’ll be able to describe the technology in greater detail.

Additionally, companies often find that we can assist their product development efforts by sponsoring research at the University or accessing our unique research facilities and equipment. We are very amenable to these collaborative arrangements. To see a copy of our standard sponsored research and service or testing agreements, please follow the link to our sponsored research office.