Signatory Authority


Dr. Kenneth W. Sewell
Vice President for Research & Economic Development

Exceptions: Some proposals require the President's or Fiscal Agent's signature. These will be routed accordingly after the internal Routing Form has been approved by the Vice President for Research & Economic Development.



Dr. Peter J. Fos
Per University of Louisiana System Policy M-10

Contracts/Subcontracts Less Than $1,000,000 
Dr. Gregg Lassen
Vice President for Business Affairs

IN ALL CONTRACTS the UNO legal name to be used is as follows: "University of New Orleans"

Policies and Procedures for Contracts Requiring the President's Signature

The documents listed below contain important information regarding procedures for the submission of contracts to the University Attorney for review and recommendation to the President. These documents can be found at

(1)   Contract Approval Procedures – this document explains the process for submitting contracts to the University  for review.

(2)   Substantive Checklist for Review of Contracts – this document provides information regarding the basic elements of all contracts. The Substantive Checklist is not intended to be used as a template insofar as the terms and conditions of each contract must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Rather, the Substantive Checklist is offered as a general guideline for the Contract Initiator/Administrator's use in crafting and reviewing contracts. Before requesting that the University enter into a contract on his or her behalf, the Contract Initiator must ensure that the agreement contains, at a minimum, each of the elements contained in the Substantive Checklist.

(3)   Contract Worksheet and Certification – the Worksheet is intended to assist the Contract Initiator in negotiating and crafting the terms of an agreement. Contract Initiators will be required to submit a signed Certification which states the obligation of the Contract Initiator relative to the Agreement.

Please note that contracts submitted to the President's Office for review must be accompanied by the Contract Initiator's signed Certification.