Fringe Rate

Fringe Benefits are calculated on all regular employees of the University, including postdoctoral research associates and intermittent employees. Benefits are not calculated on graduate assistants or student workers. The fringe benefit rate is never negotiable.

The fringe benefit rate is 43% for fiscal year 14-15.

The fringe benefit rate is estimated at 44% for fiscal year 15-16 and beyond

Please use 43% for full time employees on all proposal budgets and continue to use 8.2% for intermittent wage employees. You should continue to include a 1% fringe increase in your annual budgets for future fiscal years.  Be sure to use 44% fringe benefit rate for fiscal year 2015-2016 and beyond.


Fringe Rate by
Fiscal Year

This is the rate to use until a new fringe benefit rate is negotiated.