Routing Form


  • Used to obtain on-campus approval for the project
    • Co-Principal Investigators, if applicable
    • Department Head(s)
    • Dean(s) or Director(s)
    • Office of Research


  • Located on SharePoint
  • All items marked with asterisk must be completed
    • Attach budget and budget justification
  • Proposal does not have to be attached to submit the form, but must be sent to the Office of Research before submission to the sponsor
    • Department Head or Dean/Director may want to read proposal before sign form
  • If Co-Principal Investigators on the project:
    • Use the “Email To” field to send form link
    • Must sign before the Principal Investigator signs
  • Signature process:
  • Principal Investigator must not sign until all Co-Principal Investigators have signed, if any
    • Department Head(s) cannot sign until the Principal Investigator signs
    • Dean(s) or Director(s) cannot sign until all Department Head(s) have signed
    • Office of Research Administrator cannot sign until all Dean(s) or Director(s) have signed
    • Vice President of Research cannot sign until the Research Administrator has signed

Review Guidelines

  • Minimum time necessary for ORSP review:
    • Standard, single institutional proposals from experienced PIs - 4 business days
    • Complex and/or multi-institutional proposals - 10 business days
    • Any proposal from PI with little or no funding history - 10 business days
  • If sponsor requires other institution approvals on proposal, allow for additional time to obtain
  • If routing form is received late, no guarantee proposal will be approved by sponsor deadline

Form Rejection

  • Anyone can reject a form
    • Use the rejection box at top of the form
  • Once rejected, all signatures are removed from the form
  • Principal Investigator will receive an email notification
  • Changes can be made and the form resubmitted
    • Must obtain all signatures again, but data on form does not have to be re-typed; PI has ability to add or delete information before resubmitting



  • Principal Investigator has not signed the form
  • “Email to” field can be sued to send to other members of your team and/or business manager for review before sending to the Department Head
  • Form is automatically sent to all your Co-PIs when the submit button is pressed


  • Sent to the respective Department Head(s) for review and approval

Approved by: Department Head

  • Sent to Dean/Director for review and approval

Approved by: Dean/Director

  • Sent to the Office of Research for review by the Research Administrator

Sent to: VP of Research

  • Final approval needed on the form by the Vice President of Research or designee (Executive Director of Research)


  • Proposal is okay to submit to sponsor
  • Emails got out to the Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigators (if any), Department Head(s), and Dean/Director


  • Form has been rejected
  • Can make changes and resubmit


Principal Investigator

  • Complete routing form and Conflict of Interest form
  • Attach required documents

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Review routing form
  • Either approve by signing or reject the form

College or Department Offices

  • Chair and Dean approve  or reject form

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

  • Assist PI in completing the form
  • Review paperwork submitted by PI
    • Ensure properly completed and approved
    • Review the budget and justification
  • Submit proposal to agency
  • Create account in PeopleSoft (UNO’s financial system)
  • Provide training on form completion