Peoplesoft Grant's Queries


  • Used to monitor and manage spending on sponsored funding
  • Must have Query Viewer access in PeopleSoft
    • May need to request access. 
  • Three public queries:
  • User prompts with each query
  • Instructions located in the Report and Query Manual located within the SharePoint Research site.

Query Viewer Access Information

If you don't have PeopleSoft Query Viewer Access, send a request to your Chair, Director or Dean they will contact Carol Mitton or Carol Lunn, who will process your request with the UCC.

Query Results

  • Only includes items fully processed in financial system
  • May be delays for some items, especially payroll
  • If questions about results, contact Sponsored Programs Accounting


Principal Investigator or Business Manager

  • Run queries for projects

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

  • If necessary, request changes to public queries

Sponsored Programs Accounting

  • Assist Principal Investigator or business manager if errors found in query results or unauthorized charges are found