Milestone Emails


  • Notification emails of upcoming due dates or expiration notices
    • Due dates for progress reports and deliverables
    • Expiration dates for protocol approvals
    • Project end date – expiration notices
  • Emails sent by UNO's financial system, PeopleSoft
    • Return address: on behalf of
    • Based on information entered by the Research Administrator
    • Sent typically to the Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator, business manager, and the Research Administrator
      • Different based on the milestone and award
  • Sent 10, 15, 45 or 120 days from the due date or expiration
    • Depends on milestone type and frequency
  • Sample email:
Sample email

Milestone Type Abbreviations

  • Below are definitions of the milestone type abbreviations in the email.  The milestone is also defined in the body of the email.
Milestone Type Definition
DLVR Deliverable
EXPFP Expiration of fixed price award/project
EXPNT Expiration of cost reimbursable award/project
IACUC Animal subject protocol approval
IBC Biosafety protocol approval
IRB Human subject protocol approval
PIRPT Principal Investigator report, progress/technical report

Steps to Take

  • Do not reply to the email
    • Email sent from the system and not a particular person
    • Can forward email to someone
  • Use link in the email
    • Goes to a SharePoint page specific to the milestone type
    • Provides information on what to do
    • Includes contacts in the Office of Research (Research Administrators for each type of sponsor) and Sponsored Programs Accounting
    • Includes links to other sites if applicable
  • Progress reports & electronic deliverables
    • Email copy to the Office of Research at or to the appropriate Research Administrator
    • Items uploaded to the appropriate project in UNO's financial system
  • Expiration notices
    • Determine if an extension or continuation is needed
    • Inform appropriate Research Administrator (based on sponsor type) of decision
    • If submitting an extension or continuation request, must follow sponsor guidelines and submit by deadline
      • Office of Research can assist with the submission
  • Protocols – IACUC, IBC & IRB
    • Email is reminder the approval is expiring
    • Contact appropriate committee for extension procedures
    • Committee contact information is provided through the link in the email


Principal Investigator

  • Follow necessary instructions to complete the milestone
  • Do not ignore milestone emails

Business Manager

  • Provide assistance to investigator

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

  • Properly enter the milestones and due dates in the financial system
  • Ensure emails are being properly sent
  • Follow-up with investigator/business manager to ensure completion