New Faculty Startup

The New Faculty Startup Program is administered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and provides supplemental funding for faculty startup costs. This programs objective is to make UNO competitive in hiring the highest quality faculty who have the greatest research potential and support research targets in the campus strategic plan.

Startup funding is committed on a case-by-case basis by each unit providing startup. Requests for startup should be limited to full time tenure track faculty hires in areas that have a high expectation to receive externally funded sponsored programs. The following principles will be considered in evaluating the request for startup:

  • Higher priority is given to areas that support research targets in the campus strategic plan
  • Higher priority is given to hires demonstrating outstanding research potential
  • Higher priority is given to hires where the level of startup is a critical factor that will influence the success of hiring faculty
  • Equipment costs are emphasized, but this does not necessarily preclude requesting other items for funding
  • Higher priority is given to units that are providing a significant portion of the startup and may be in the form of reduced teaching loads, graduate assistants, summer salary, etc

Commitments for startup will typically be for one to two years, but can be for up to three years. Only the first year will be guaranteed and future years funding will require that the new faculty member submitted a proposal to an outside sponsor.

Approval Process

Requests for startup funding must be approved by the Department Chair, College Dean and Vice President for Research and Economic Development and the Provost. The request should include the following:

  • New Faculty Startup Request Form signed by the Chair and Dean
  • Accurate cost estimates and justification of the candidate's startup needs
  • Copy of the candidates resume

A Completed Startup Request Form will be attached to the UNO Standard Offer Letter with Startup Request and sent to Academic Affairs for final approval.

Once a candidate has accepted a position, a copy of the signed offer letter will be attached to the Startup Request Form by the department that requested startup and emailed to each party that is committed to providing start-up.

Managing Startup

New faculty hires with startup provided by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will meet in our office to receive their speedkey(s). Startup will be treated as an internal grant so the faculty member will have a dedicated speedkey and be will be able to track their funds. New faculty receiving startup from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will participate in an orientation related to proposal submission and grants management at UNO.