Board of Regents (BoR)

The Board of Regents (BoR) is UNO's largest state sponsor. The majority of BoR's programs are in two categories: EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) and Support Fund.  All of BoR's funding opportunities, as reported on the BoR website, are listed on the BoR's Funding Opportunities Spreadsheet.  You can also visit BoR's Grant Guide at-a-Glance page and the BoR Latest News page will provide current events information in addition to opening and closing dates for funding.

Most of the BoR programs require proposal submission through the BoR LOGAN system.  You must have an account in LOGAN in order to submit your proposal to BoR; the Office of Research cannot create the proposal for you.  The PI Login page in LOGAN has a link for new user registration to start the process.  You will be asked to complete basic information about yourself and to create a Pin.  After that, you can login and start the proposal.

Sample funded proposals can be found on the Office of Research SharePoint site.

For a listing of the EPSCoR funding opportunities (including links to the Request for Proposal/Application and other forms), click EPSCoR Funding.  For a listing of the Support Fund funding opportunities (including links to the Request for Proposal and other forms), click Support Fund Funding.

For all BoR Questions contact your ORSP representative:

Business - Ana Barrera
Education - Burt Neal 
Engineering - Ana Barrera
Liberal Arts - Kendy Martinez
NonAcademic -  Kendy Martinez          Science - Rebecca Drake

Budget Template – Reminder

The ORSP budget template will have future years fringe benefit and GA tuition increases included for you and will automatically calculate the indirect rate. Budget templates are embedded in the electronic routing form, or can be found on the Proposal Development page of the ORSP website. We highly recommend that you use the budget template.

Budget Preparation is covered in detail on the Policies and Procedures page or you can contact our office if you have questions.

BoR Guidelines for Potential Reviewers

  1. A reviewer cannot have been a faculty member of any Louisiana higher education institution during the previous 5 years.
  2. A reviewer cannot have collaborated in the previous 5 years on any publication or funded project or as a paid consultant with any of the principal investigators listed in the proposal.
  3. A reviewer cannot have supervised the master's thesis, doctoral candidacy or post-doctoral work of a PI listed in the proposal.
  4. A reviewer cannot knowingly stand to gain materially by the award of funds to the proposal under review.