Export Control Regulations (EAR)

U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Commerce Control List (CCL)
15 CFR 700-799

The U. S. Department of Commerce, BIS, has export jurisdiction over technologies which are in the United States or of U.S. origin, in whole or in part. Many of these technologies are proprietary. Technologies which tend to require licensing for transfer to foreign nationals have both civilian and military applications or are “dual use.” These dual use technologies may have been designed for commercial use, such as computers or chemicals, but have the potential to be used for military applications.

Foreign technology with U.S. origin technology above a de minimis level is considered to be subject to the EAR. BIS maintains the CCL which includes items subject to the export licensing authority of BIS. Some technologies are under the jurisdiction of another U.S. agency and entries in the CCL contain a reference to those controls.