UNO Students on Proposals


Current Graduate Assistant Tuition Amounts

Graduate Assistants are governed by AP-RE-06.2: Graduate Assistants

Number of Hours GA’s are allowed to work and appointment type: Graduate Assistants can be appointed full-time (20 hours a week) or half-time (10 hours a week). Appointments may be for an academic year, a fiscal year, or for a period of appointment (if they are to be hired for less than six months but not for a full academic semester). GA stipends are processed on Personnel Action forms that HR uses for other employees; tuition, if paid, is processed on the Graduate School tuition form.

Support for GA's should appear as follows in your budget:

  • Budget category:
  • 604000 - GA salary
    (commensurate with department standard)
  • 668010 - Graduate Assistant Tuition

Student Workers are governed by AP-BA-23.2: Federal Work-Study and Budget Student Employment Program

Number of Hours Student Workers Are Allowed to Work: Student employees are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session. When classes are not in session, student employees are permitted to work a maximum of 29 hours per week. Students are not allowed to work during the times they are scheduled to be in class. If a class ends earlier than scheduled, a student may not clock in until the scheduled class time has passed. The student’s exam schedule replaces the class schedule during the exam period. Therefore, a student will not be allowed to work during the time he/she is scheduled to take an exam. The student’s supervisor must obtain the student’s exam schedule during that period. It is the responsibility of the hiring department/Department Head/Supervisor to ensure student workers do not exceed work hour limits. Student workers are paid on the Form 6 and must maintain time sheets.

Support for Student Workers’ should appear as follows in your budget:

Budget category:

  • 606000 –Student Employee salary