The purpose of this section is to assist University faculty and staff in the preparation and administration of Subcontracts issued under sponsored programs/funds.

Pre-Subaward Process

The proposed subcontractor has to be entered in the university’s financial system. Please check with ORSP subcontract administrator has to their status, especially if a social security number is being used by the subcontractor. If they are not in the financial system, a W-9 will be needed by university.

Pre-Subaward Forms:

Subaward Drafting Process

To begin the subcontracting process PIs must complete internal forms for each subcontract he/she intends to write. In order to avoid any delays PIs should provide the Sub/Contracts Administrator with the completed forms in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that a subcontractor should never initiate work without an executed/approved subcontract in place. Subcontractors will not be compensated without such a document on file in this office. If subcontractor has a designated research PI, a resume will need to be provided to ORSP to keep on file.

Subaward Drafting Process Forms


After the Subcontract is Executed

During the term of the subcontract, the subcontractor will send invoices to the UNO PI detailing the services provided for the PI's project. The PI must review the invoice for accuracy, approve and submit it to the Office of Research for payment processing. If a modification (to the Statement of Work, Amount, Project Period) is needed for the executed subcontract, please submit a written request to the Sub/Contracts Administrator before the original subcontract expires.

Request to Draft Subcontract Form Instructions

General Instructions:
Form must be completely filled in, in order to be processed. All necessary attachments must be included when submitting form. Submit form to Burt D. Neal, Admin Bldg., Room 1005, 504-280-7136,

  1. Subcontractor/Subrecipient/Subgrantee contact information
    • Subcontract PI - person(s) performing the statement of work; attached copy of their resume
    • Subcontract period of performance - Type and frequency of technical reports (if not applicable, please so state)
    • If payment is to an individual, please certify that the individual is NOT currently enrolled in a Louisiana Public Retirement System, or a current employee, a former employee, retiree or student employee of the UL System within the last two years. If they are, please contact Burt Neal for further instructions.
  2. Subcontract Information
    • Statement of Work – Describe in detail what services the subcontractor/subgrantee will perform
    • Budget – If cost reimbursable, complete an itemized budget, and indicate invoicing frequency. If fixed price, indicate invoicing schedule and whether it ties into any of the deliverables due dates.
    • Performance Measures - Explanation of methodology to be used to monitor the subcontractor’s performance. Be specific. This is the information which you will use to complete the evaluation form at the end of the award.
    • Costs Benefit Analysis - A certification that a cost-benefit analysis has been conducted which indicates that obtaining such services from an outside subcontractor/subgrantee is more cost-effective than having such services performed by University personnel. Moreover, the cost benefit analysis should include the following questions: certify no employee of the University of New Orleans is both competent and/or available to perform the services called for by the proposed subcontract; explain what competitive process was used to select subcontractor; (why is this selection a wise monitory choice), and certify that the subcontractor is not a student or current employee of the UL System Office.
    • Monitoring Plan- Description of how the subcontract/subgrant will be evaluated and observed. Carefully consider the feasibility of complying completely with your chosen monitoring plan. All monitoring activities must be documented in writing and submitted to the Office of Research according to a monitoring schedule (i.e. semi-annually, quarterly, etc). If you chose email as a monitoring tool, each must be printed and placed in your file in addition to being sent to ORSP. If you chose phone calls as a monitoring tool, you must maintain a phone log in your records and submit a copy or ORSP.
    • Goals and Objectives- What will be accomplished and how; remember that goals do not always equal results.
    • Deliverables – Report detailing the results from the subcontractor/subrecipient/subgrantee research,and a schedule for these deliverables.
        • After the PI has submitted the appropriate forms, the Sub/Contracts Administrator will assist the PI in assuring that the forms are applicable to the State regulations. Once the forms are finalized the Sub/Contracts Administrator will prepare a subcontract and mail the document to the Subcontractor for signature.
        • When the subcontract is signed, the Contracts Analyst will provide the PI with a copy of the fully executed/approved agreement. [PLEASE NOTE: Subcontracts $20,000 and less only require appropriate signatures as full execution. However, policy requires when the prime award comes from a Louisiana state agency subcontracts over $20,000 also be approved by the Louisiana Office of Contractual Review (OCR). All Louisiana corporations must provide proof that a Disclosure of Ownership has been properly filed with the Secretary of State (having the Secretary of State stamp). This requirement does not apply to publically traded corporations. Subcontracts Administrator will monitor this.
        • When the prime award is from a Federal or private entity, subawards over $100,000 must be approved by the University of Louisiana System Office.