Fringe Rate

Fringe Benefits are calculated on all regular employees of the University, including postdoctoral research associates and intermittent employees. Benefits are not calculated on graduate assistants or student workers. The fringe benefit rate is never negotiable. Intermittent employees who are not in a state retirement system are charged 8.2% fringe.

The fringe benefit rate is based on the average actual payments UNO makes for employee’s retirement, insurance, Medicare, FICA, and other federally allowed expenses.  The rate is calculated by Business Affairs.

All proposals must include a 2% increase on the fringe rate for multi-year projects. A breakdown of these projected rates can be found in the table below and are included in the budget templates.

Fiscal Year Fringe Rate
2015 - 2016 45% Previous
2016 - 2017 47% Previous
2017 - 2018 49% Previous
2018 - 2019 49% Current
2019 - 2020 51% Projected
2020 - 2021 53% Projected
Beyond FY 2021 55% Projected