Meet our Orientation Leaders

ToriTori Frentz is a freshman Engineering major from Metairie, LA. She attended Patrick F. Taylor High School. Here at UNO, Tori is involved not only in Orientation Leaders, but Greek Life as well. Tori enjoys singing in her spare time, and she can even sing in Italian!

arianaAriana Longoria is a freshman Film major from Gretna, LA. Ariana attended St. Mary’s Dominican High School. She is involved in Greek Life here at UNO. Ariana enjoys watching Netflix, reading books, and writing her own stories. She hopes to become a screenwriter. Ariana gave Zac Efron her phone number on a Piccadilly receipt. She chose UNO because of the outstanding Film program and because TOPS covered her tuition.

JacobJacob Wade is a freshman Biology major with a Pre-Med focus from Slidell, LA. He attended Salmen High School. Jacob is very involved with the Boy Scouts and has even served as camp counselor the past few summers. Fun Fact: Jacob can twerk! He also enjoys volunteering outside of UNO and Boy Scouts. Jacob chose UNO because it is much cheaper than any of the other schools and it's close to home, so he can still help his family when they need it. It's also pretty easy to find a job in New Orleans.

MattMatt Dayton is a freshman Psychology major from Steubenville, OH. Matt attended Toronto High School. Matt is involved in UNO Greek Life. Matt owns over 50 pairs of sneakers.

andrewAndrew Amaya-Shaw is junior double majoring in Marketing and Business Administration from Mandeville, LA. Andrew is involved in Greek Life and served as a Krewe Leader for Privateer Camp, a freshmen leadership camp. He enjoys writing and is currently writing his first book.

JoesphJeremiah Joseph is a freshman majoring in Business Management from Lafayette, LA. Jeremiah, or J.J., attended Ovey Comeaux High School. J.J. is a part of the Progressive Black Student Union. J.J. is very active and enjoys skateboarding and running. He can run a mile in under 6 minutes! J.J. chose UNO because he thought it was a great academic fit for him.

savannaSavanna Heller is a freshman Civil Engineering major from Metairie, LA. She attended Archbishop Chapelle High School. Savanna is a part of Greek Life and is also a member of The Dance Connection. Savanna also works for the New Orleans Zephrys. She chose UNO because she instantly felt welcome. It is small enough to make her feel at home but big enough for her to get the college experience. She likes that she is close to her family. She also loves that the campus is near the lake and in the amazing city of New Orleans. She saw all that UNO had to offer her and she couldn't wait to be a part of it.

jenealJeneal Banks is a freshman Chemistry major from Baton Rouge, LA. She attended Baton Rouge Magnet High School. Jeneal is part of the Progressive Black Student Union. She enjoys singing and playing the piano. She is also in love with everything Sam Smith. Jeneal chose UNO because from the very first time she heard about UNO, she immediately felt it was the college for her. She likes the relatively small population, the residence halls, the diversity, and mostly the fact that it’s in such a great city that is a melting pot of different cultures.

MorganMorgan Cole is a freshman Business Administration major from Luling, LA. She attended Hahnville High School. Morgan is involved in Greek Life and the American Dance Association. She can stand on her head for a long time.

CheyChey McKenzie is a sophomore majoring in Film from Cornish, ME. She attended Sacopee Valley High School. Chey is a part of Greek Life, NSANO, and serves as Resident Assistant for Pontchartrain Halls. She enjoys watching movies, writing, and she is even learning how to speak Nepali. Chey chose UNO because of all the opportunities UNO gives her to meet people from all around the world.

NoraNora Bloemer is sophomore Biology major with a Pre-Med focus from Mandeville, LA. She went to Fountainebleau High School. Nora is involved in Greek Life, Student Activities Council, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and the UNO Sportman’s Club. Nora spent her 13th birthday in two different countries. She chose UNO to get an amazing education while being close to home and having the personable experience of a small campus in a big city!

PrerakPrerak Chapagain is a freshman Electrical Engineering from Chitwan, Nepal. He attended Budhanilkantha School. Prerak is a part of ISO, NSANO, Physics Club, Robotics Club, and the Debate Club. Fun Fact: Prerak is left-handed.

DarrionDarrion Moore is a freshman major in Sciences with a focus in Preclinical Laboratory from Avondale, LA. She attended John Ehret High School. Darrion is a part of Greek Life and the Privateers Sign Language Club. She also can sign a song. She chose UNO because it's closer to home and provide disability accommodations. Also, since UNO is in New Orleans, it is much easier for her to go and check out the city.

hayleyHayley Herbert is a sophomore Business Administration major from Mandeville, LA. She went to Fountainebleau High School. Fun Fact: She can do a split. Hayley is involved in Greek Life, the Running Club, Emerging Leaders, and served as a Krewe Leader for Privateer Camp. Hayley chose UNO because of the small atmosphere and close proximity to New Orleans.

HannahHannah Kaltvedt is a junior Psychology major from Pearl River, LA. She attended Pearl River High School. Hannah is a transfer student who’s changed her major 7 times. She loves her puppy, reading, and drawing. Hannah chose UNO because it was closer to home, and it was a smaller community that helped her focus on her schooling.

oliviaOlivia Boissy is a junior majoring in Sociology from Clearwater, FL. Olivia graduated from Slidell High School. She is a part of Greek Life. Olivia likes to read, watch Netflix, and to craft. She also enjoys playing with her albino rabbit named Beignet.

CurstiCursti Joseph is a freshman Psychology major from Marerro, LA. She attended Belle Chasse High School. Cursti is involved in Greek Life and Student Support Services. Cursti also enjoys playing with her fat, lovable, pointy, hedgehog. She chose UNO because it is close to home, the diverse campus environment is amazing, it's affordable, and if you want a great first year of college then UNO is definitely the place. It's just a great experience to have.

SidhantSidhant Mahat is a sophomore double majoring in Biology and Computer Science from Kathmandu, Nepal. He attended National Integrated College. Sidhant is involved in Leadership Cabinet, Peer Mentor, and the Nepalese Student Association. Fun Fact: Sidhant read Harry Potter and the half-blood prince in 1.5 days when he was 12. Sidhant chose to attend the University of New Orleans because it seemed like a really diverse university; the UNO website is full of students and events that shouted diversity and inclusion. UNO has kept up with his expectation, and even more.

ToriTori Hogan is a sophomore Psychology major from Tampa, FL. Tori graduated from Chalmette High School. Tori is a part of Greek Life and Student Support Services. Tori loves to dance, eat and craft. Tori also loves adopting penguins from Audubon Zoo! She chose UNO because she loves being so close to New Orleans and UNO has such a diverse and beautiful campus.

MaddieMaddie Roach is a freshman History major from River Ridge, LA. She attended east Jefferson High School. Maddie is involved in Greek Life and likes to stay active by playing soccer. Fun Fact: Maddie can also do bird calls, and sometimes they respond. Maddie chose UNO because she wanted to stay closer to home and she thought that the experience and assistance she would be receiving would be beneficial to her growth as both a student and a person.