New Student Orientation Programs

UNO Orientation Leaders

The University of New Orleans orientation leaders are here to help you! Whether you are a transfer, freshman, or adult student we can make your adjustment to UNO much smoother.

We are well-informed students that represent the University as a whole and answer any questions that you have. If we don't have the answer we know where you can go to find it! Take some time to meet our staff, see how we define ourselves, and how we operate outside of orientations as a student organization.  Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask an OL!

What is an Orientation Leader?

An orientation leader, or OL, assists incoming students with the transition to UNO's academic and student life. We provide students an opportunity to become familiar with their college, meet faculty and administrators, and help register students for their first semester of classes.

We also introduce students to university resources, campus facilities, student services, social and recreational activities, and answer any questions that they may have concerning UNO or the college experience.

Who is an OL?

OLs are active campus leaders who want to share their knowledge with incoming students. They are a cross section of the student body and range in age, race, major, upbringing, and every other facet of life.

What is the time commitment of being an OL?

The "orientation season" starts in late November/early December and continues all the way through August.  Each winter there is a training session as well as some freshmen, transfer and international orientations. In the spring, OLs hold a spring invitational for select high school seniors and participate in a regional orientation conference.  They also help with the New Orleans area district literally rally and have monthly team meetings.

The summer starts with more training, orientations for summer school students, and then our large freshmen programs.  We also host orientations for transfer and adult students throughout the summer as well as meeting on a weekly basis.  Summer wraps-up with another international orientation, move-in day, the freshman blackout party, and assisting in Just Ask Me tents and Welcome Week.

Outside of the mandatory work for orientation leaders, OLs do community service work, organize teams for other on campus events, hold fundraisers, and explore the City of New Orleans as a staff.

How do apply to be an OL?

Applications for new orientation leaders will be available on September 21.  You can pick one up from PEC 112 and 113.