Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

Branding UNO

Become familiar with our talking points and the University's branding efforts

Our Talking Points

UNO's Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing, commonly known as OCPRM, works to promote the University both internally and in the public eye. The office seeks to enhance the brand and image of the university by executing the university's marketing, communications and public relations efforts.

  • Strengthen the university's image and identity.
  • Fulfill public relations needs of the offices of the President and Vice President.
  • Market the university to prospective students.
  • Communicate the university's teaching and research activities and accomplishments.
  • Provide accurate news and other information about the university to on- and off-campus audiences.
  • Coordinate the university's communications in emergency situations.

OCPRM consists of three divisions: marketing, public relations and web strategy. The divisions provide different services, and work collectively with other university units to deliver UNO’s core message and consistent brand. With consideration to the University’s image, the office maintains and ensures that the UNO brand is strong by communicating and demonstrating the official identity standards and style guidelines, which covers all types of media.