Do you need to change your major?

If you wish to change your major from what you indicated on your initial admissions application please indicate your new major on your orientation reservation form. Please let us know of your desire to change majors before attending your Orientation session. This will allow us to inform the appropriate College, where your chosen major is housed, before your advising session.

Undeclared versus Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Often first time students confuse majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with being an undeclared student for a few semesters. An undeclared student is one who has not yet declared a major and is in the process of exploring majors. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is a degree program intended to provide versatility for students (primarily adult learners and part-time students) seeking an individualized learning experience. The program allows students to design an academic plan of study that meets individual and professional needs that may not be better served by traditional, single-subject majors. An undeclared student is classified as a Liberal Arts Undecided student. To see the majors available at the University of New Orleans click on the link below:

List of Majors