Adult & Distance Learner Orientations

Distance Learners

Through UNO Extended Campus, distance learners are able to earn a college degree from anywhere. Extended Campus is a growing part of the University of New Orleans, and the Office of New Student Orientation strives to aid in the transition of first year distance learners. As a new member of the UNO community, we highly encourage you to attend an on-campus orientation. However, if you cannot attend, it is perfectly understandable!

Distance Learner Presentation

If you are classified as a Distance Learner and are unable to attend an on-campus orientation, please review the Distance Learning Orientation presentation. You will be guided through everything you will need to know about being a student at UNO.

Adult Students

Adult students (over the age of 25) are not required to attend orientation, but are welcome at any of our programs.

If you prefer to have an individual orientation, the Office of New Student Orientation will be more than happy to meet your needs. A staff member from the Office of New Student Orientation and an Orientation Leader would be able to have a sit down one-on-one with you. Please call 504-280-5458 or email to make arrangements.