Student Research Projects

Current and Former Post-Doctoral Advisees

  • O. Thomas Lorenz – Assessing potential spread of a non-native tilapia
  • William Stein – Conservation of tarpon in the Gulf of Mexico (current)
  • Jason P. Turner – Stable isotope analysis of Lake Pontchartrain food web

Current Graduate Students

  • Shane Abeare (Ph.D. student) – Fishery impacts on trophic connections in Madagascar coral reefs
  • Jonathan Davis (Ph.D. student) – Use of Lake Pontchartrain by bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas)
  • Patrick Smith (Ph. D. student) – Redfish resource use in an urban fishery
  • Arnaud Kerisit (M.Sc. student) – Community composition of larval nekton in natural and artificial estuarine passes of Lake Pontchartrain
  • Angela Williamson (M.Sc. student) – Conservation of the Louisiana pearlshell, Margaritifera hembeli

Former Graduate Students

  • Rebecca Cope (M.Sc. student) – Effects of the closure of the MRGO on Lake Pontchartrain fishes (Defended  –  December 2013)
  • William Stein (Ph.D. student) – Conservation of tarpon in the Pontchartrain Basin  (Defended  –   April 2013)
  • Jonathan McKenzie (Ph.D. student) – Life history and movement of lemon sharks at the Chandeleur Islands (Defended  –  April 2013)
  • Scott Eustis (M.Sc. student) – Assemblage composition of shrimp trawl bycatch  (Defended  – November 2011)
  • Christopher Davis (M.Sc. student) – Lemon shark diet at the Chandeleur Islands  (Defended  –  October 2010)
  • Sunny Brogan (M.Sc. student) – Redfish habitat use in an urban fishery  (Graduated – May 2010)
  • M. Chad Ellinwood (M.Sc. student) – Response and recovery of fish assemblages to hurricane impacts at the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana  (2008 CREST Scholar; Graduated - December 2008)

Former Graduate Students Co-Advised in the Department of Biological Sciences

  • O. Thomas Lorenz (Ph.D. student) – Effects of interspecific competition, salinity, and hurricanes on the success of an invasive fish, the Rio Grande cichlid, Herichthys cyanoguttatus (2007 Sigma Xi Research Award; Graduated – August 2008)
  • Lissa A. Lyncker (M.Sc. student) – Assessing essential habitat for larval and juvenile blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) using remote sensing data (Graduated –  August 2008)
  • Jeffrey M. Van Vrancken (M.Sc. student) – Changes in freshwater fish assemblages of Bayou Lacombe  (2007 CREST Scholar; Graduated – December 2007)
  • Kenneth G. Blanke (M.Sc. student) – Does diversity, abundance, and resilience of aquatic organisms differ among seagrass species at the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana? (ASIH Storer Award Winner, 2006; Graduated – May 2006)