Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis

Undergraduate Researcher




Educational Background:

Research Interests:
ecology, fisheries, wildlife, statistics, and modeling

Lucy Davis is an undergraduate researcher working on various projects within the lab.  She is the outreach coordinator for the Bull Shark Research while assisting in all fieldwork and studying the invasive lionfish on the side. Davis is from Lumberton, Texas and has moved around the world going to school for education.  In New Zealand, she was an integral part of the Leigh Marine Laboratory assisting graduate students with various projects from diving for spiny lobster to stalking New Zealand Eagle Rays in an estuary.  After moving back to the U.S., she stuck with education as her major until living in Key Largo where she was offered an environmental education internship with REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation), a local non-profit. She was in charge of running programs to educate about local environmental issues with invasive species, coral reefs, recycling, water quality and human impacts on the small island. She spent many hours a week diving, working closely with NOAA and coral reef restoration foundations. After this internship, she moved to New Orleans where she made the decision to change her major to environmental science with the hopes of utilizing her teaching background to teach the world about our environment.