Online Learning Resources

Instructional Videos

UNO Media Server

Instructional videos for a wide variety of courses are available on theUNO Media Server .

When you visit the Media Server, click on “Public Media Site” then scroll to find the course you want. There will be a folder of instructional videos that can help you with course content.

Khan Academy

Tutorials for Mathematics from Algebra to Statistics and Calculus can be found at Khan Academy . You will also find how-to videos for Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, History, and Physics, as well as test prep for the MCAT and GMAT.

Study Aids


Are you an auditory learner? You can find most any title as an audiobook available on Audible . Consider listening to your reading assignments for your next class.


Concept maps are a great way of organizing a complex idea. They can be particularly helpful when studying a complicated process with lots of moving parts. InstaGrok allows you to create your own concept maps or search concept maps on topics you are studying. Often the maps come with short videos to explain the complex idea in a way that helps break it down into more simple terms.


Make flashcards, test your knowledge, and collaborate with other students on Quizlet . With over 20 million users, Quizlet is one of the most popular educational services in the U.S.

Group Work


Having trouble scheduling a meeting? Doodle , the online schedule will solve all your scheduling headaches. Simply set up a polls, send the link out to participants, and the most popular time will show itself to you. Doodle makes scheduling a snap.


GroupMe is a free group messaging application. You can have as many groups as you want, making it easy to coordinate with classmates during a group project. The great thing about GroupMe is that even if someone in your group doesn’t have a smartphone, they can still receive messages from the group.


Ever work in a group but have trouble finding the time to get together? Slackcan help. Slack is an online workspace where you can chat with your colleagues in real time about the project, share files and work on things together without having to trade a hundred emails back and forth. Your chats can have multiple channels so you can focus on one part of the project at a time and it’s easy for team members to look back at conversations and jump in when they are able to log in and work. It is also a great tool for when you’re all able to work at the same time but can’t meet in the same place.

Organizational Tools

Google Keep

Need a To Do list that you won’t lose? Try Google Keep . You can add notes, lists, audio notes, and picture notes to your Google Keep account. If there’s a way to remind yourself to do something- snap a picture of it, take a voice memo, or just simply write it down- Google Keep will arrange it for you on a cool little bulletin board so you won’t forget. The question is… will you follow through with your list?

Study Blue

Make your own flashcards and notes then upload all your course materials to one place with Study Blue . Study Blue is a great organizational tool as it allows you to access your materials on the go through via laptop on their website and on your mobile device through their app, but is also offers additional paid features that would allow you access to premade study materials as well.