Math Tutor Center

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Math Tutor Center
Office: Mathematics Building, 105
Phone: 504-280-1168

The Math Tutor Center and Study Hall is a UNO academic service that helps students maximize their math potential.

The purpose of the center is to assist students in learning mathematics and in successfully completing their mathematics requirements at UNO. It offers both individualized and group programs.

Who Can Use the MTC?

UNO Math students can come to the Math Tutor Center to study or work with a tutor.

What To Do When You Enter the MTC?

Sign in at the desk and have a seat at one of the available tables.

Tutors must work with many students and therefore tutees must be aware that a tutoring session's time is limited.

Video Lessons

Video lessons for several math courses are available on the media server,

Want to be a MTC Tutor?

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for the MTC, please submit your application to the chair of the Mathematics Department, located in the Math Building,room 207.