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Charles University

Charles University is located in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, and is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. The school was founded in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Charles IV. Today the University has over 42,400 students in more than 270 accredited academic programs.

UNO traditionally sends students on exchange to either the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts or the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Today the University comprises eight faculties with more than 140 departments, institutes and clinics, embracing a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and fields of research. More than 14,000 students study at the University. As demands for increased access to higher education continue to grow, the University is preparing to develop its programs to accommodate more students to meet that need.

The Faculty of Philosophy and Arts offers programs specifically designed for English speakers and are intended for undergraduate students. Courses include art, literature, history, psychology, sociology, economics, and political science.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is divided into five principal departments or Institues: the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Economic Studies, International Studies, Political Studies, and Sociological Studies. The Faculty of Social Sciences aims at developing and researching in those aspects of the social sciences, which relate to the public administration, or to the economic and cultural life of society. Courses include Economic theory, International Economic and Political studies, Sociology, Media and Communication studies, and Czech as a foreign language.

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Note: Knowledge of Czech is NOT required.

Applying to Charles University

All students who wish to go on this exchange must first apply and be accepted to the UNO International Student Exchange Program (see our site for Outgoing students). Once accepted, students then must complete the requirements to apply to the program at Charles University.

UNO's agreement with Charles University does not include a housing or meal exchange. Students must pay for housing of their choice at Charles University. Facilities range from traditional halls with shared bathrooms and kitchens to modern flats where two bedrooms share bathroom and kitchen area.

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Other Useful Information

The deadlines for student exchange applications are March 31 for the winter semester and September 30 for the summer semester.

The winter semester starts at the end of September/beginning of October and finishes before Christmas, with exams held in January. The summer semester starts at the end of February and finishes at the end of May, with exams held in June. Official information can be found here.

Undergraduate exchange students are asked to apply to at least four courses, graduate students to at least three ones.

Required Documents:

1) Students must complete an application form for exchange students
2) Letter of Intent
3) Recommendation Letter by a Faculty Member
4) Transcript
5) CV

Living Arrangements: Students can expect to pay CZK 3000 ($150 USD) for Accommodation in a university dorm; CZK 3000-4000 ($150-$200 USD) for meals; and CZK 260 ($13 USD) for public transportation. Accommodation of exchange students at student dormitories is arranged by the receiving faculties. They are commonly lodged at the Větrník and the Hvězda dormitories - see Catalogue of CU dormitories .Students seeking accomodation there will be required to pay booking deposit of CZK 1800 ($100 USD) approximately 2 months before their arrival to Czech Republic and moving into the dormitory.

More information about studying in the Czech Republic can be found on the webpage of the Centre for International Services