Tax Assistance for International Students and Scholars

All international students, scholars, and their dependents present in the U.S. during any part of the calendar year are responsible for filing annual tax forms (often called "tax returns" because you may get some money back). Filing tax forms is required for all F and J visa holders, including dependents. This is a requirement even if you did not work or earn income in the U.S. What type of return should be filed is dependent upon whether or not income was received. Please check the IRS website for deadlines.

The tax year you are reporting on is for the previous calendar year (January 1 – December 31.)

The staff of the International Center is not trained in tax laws and cannot give tax advice about the filing of your return and does not endorse any listed services. We are providing this information to you to help you meet the requirement of filing your tax return.


Donna Burroughs
Business Manager
Division of International Education
International Center 108

If you are an international student or scholar who needs help filling federal or state tax withholding forms or preparing
a substantial presence test for FICA purposes, come to the International Center room 108 or email Donna  Burroughs for
an appointment.