International Education Week 2017

UNO is celebrating International Education Week (IEW),  a national initiative to highlight the cross-cultural competence and career-enhancing skills gained by studying abroad. Students who study abroad graduate with concrete, real-world experiences that demonstrate to future employers their ability to adapt in a global workforce.

 IEW Events

Monday, November 12
Study Abroad 101 Session
Attend a student Study Abroad Panel for the chance to win a free passport from HI New Orleans
12:15-1:30pm, International Center

Tuesday, November 13
Global Opportunities & Passport Fair
Learn how you can study abroad. Details on obtaining your passport can be found here.
10:00-2:00pm, UC Atrium
Study Abroad Cultural Cafe
Complimentary international cuisine
12:15-1:30pm, UC Gallery Lounge

Wednesday, November 14
Global Opportunities Fair
Learn how you can study abroad
9:00-12:00pm, Library Breezeway

Thursday, November 15
Photo Contest Awards Ceremony
1:00-2:00pm, International Center

Friday, November 16
International Soccer Tournament
Join us for fun, food, and friends!
11:00-1:00pm, International Center

An Investment inYour Future

Did you know that 1 in 5 jobs are currently linked to international trade? Students who study abroad before they graduate are hired more quickly after graduation with higher starting salaries and are more likely to obtain jobs in their fields.

Opportunities at UNO

 UNO students in Innsbruck, Austria






UNO offers many exciting study abroad opportunities that allow students to choose the right experience for their career path. Popular summer programs include countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Ireland, and Japan.

Connect on campus with UNO's diverse student population that includes students from over 100 countries. There are also vibrant and active international student organizations on campus.

Funding the Experience to Change Your Life

Study abroad has for years been misunderstood as a luxury too expensive for most students to participate. The truth is that there are numerous sources of funding to help students and their parents afford what is increasingly viewed as necessary in the job force. These sources include federal initiatives, private grants, and scholarships at UNO like our Global Ambassador Awards, demonstrating that study abroad is a priority in higher education.


IEW 2018 is made possible by the generous support of Aramark, Hosteling International New Orleans, House of Blues New Orleans, UNO Bookstore, UNO Office of Diversity Affairs, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans Passport Agency, World War II Museum, and the active participation of UNO students, faculty, and staff.

An Investment

“Neither words nor dollar signs can put a value on this investment. It is the best decision I've ever made, and it was only possible by being a UNO student.”

Amanda McGilvray, MPA, UNO Alumna

Ambassador Awards

“Being an ambassador is what gave me the opportunity to study abroad. Without my Ambassador Award there is no way I could have had this amazing experience. This program has not only changed my life but shaped me into a world traveler!"

Katelynn Breaux, UNO IDS-Family and Child Development Major