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Using Moodle as a Student

How to log in to Moodle

To log in, use your UNO personal username and password. If you are having problem with passwords, please call the University Communications & Computing Center at (504) 280-4357 to reset your password.

Moodle Login

How to Find your Classes

Once you have logged into Moodle, click on My DashBoard on the top right hand corner to see a list of your courses.

How to see your grades

Go to the class for which you want to see your grades. On the left panel click on Grades.

I can't see one of my courses in My DashBoard

If you don't see a course in your DashBoard, don't panic. Some instructors do not use Moodle for class material and therefore make it unavailable for students. You might still receive emails from Moodle but will not be able to see the course unless the instructors change the settings.

Moodle Requirements

Review the list of requirements to access Moodle on your PC or Mac computers.

Moodle Requirements