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Using Moodle as a Student

How to log in to Moodle

To log in, use your UNO personal username and password. If you are having problem with passwords, please call the University Communications & Computing Center at (504) 280-4357 to reset your password.

Moodle Login

How to Find your Classes

Once you have logged into Moodle, you will see your courses on the left side of the Courses page, and upcoming due dates, assignments you have submitted for grading, and messages from your Moodle courses. You'll also see a link to view your calendar, which will show links and due dates if your teacher has assigned activities in Moodle.

If you don't see courses for which you have registered, the most likely reason is that your teacher has not made the course visible in Moodle; contact your teachers to ask about that. If you worried that you have been dropped from a course, check your account in Webstar.

How to see your grades

You can go to the class for which you want to see your grades and click the Course Dashboard to find your gradebook, or you can click on your name at the top of your Courses page to get to your Profile. On the Profile page you will find a Grades Overview link that shows your average in each course and links to your gradebook in each course.

If you don't see a course in your DashBoard, don't panic. If your course is not available by the first day of class, email your instructor to ask when they plan to do so.

Moodle Requirements

Review the list of requirements to access Moodle on your PC or Mac computers.

Moodle Requirements

Moodle Videos for Students

We have some videos to help you with most issues students encounter when using Moodle.

UNO Moodle Student Support on YouTube