Manage iTune U Courses

iTunes U Course Manager

The creator of an iTunes U course has complete control over all the content that will be available to anyone "subscribed" to that course. Hence, it is the responsibility of the creator of an iTunes U course to create it, which includes adding all the lectures, lecture notes, external links, and other course content as "materials." This section explores how to create such a course and to integrate materials for students using the iTunes U app for iOS devices.

Access iTunes U Manager

1. Create or Access an Apple ID

2. Request to be a Contributor
Once you have an Apple ID, send an email to requesting to be a contributor with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Department
  • UNO email address
  • Apple ID

Once added to the list of contributors, use iTunes U Manager to create an iTunes U course. Apple's Safari web browser is recommended for the course manager.

3. Open iTunes U Course Manager

4. Create an iTunes U course and upload materials

5. Create an outline, posts, and assignments


Add Course to UNO's Catalog

Once your iTunes U course is created, you need to have it added to the UNO iTunes U catalog for folks to be able to find it.

2. Click on 'Submit Course to iTunes U Catalog'

3. Click 'Submit Request' to UNO's iTunes U admin to have the course added

Video: How to Add Your Course to UNO's Catalog