Creating an iTunes U Lecture

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Download the lecture notes on how to create a presentation.

iTunes U Course on Moodle

Making an iTunes U course available through Moodle merely requires a direct link to the course webpage. Making an iTunes U course available through Moodle merely requires a direct link to the course webpage.

A typical lecture for delivery through iTunes U will have an audio component and a visual component. Basically, each lecture is a narrated presentation. So, when a lecture plays, the student will hear you speak while the student sees a slide of text or whatever. This section explores how to create such lectures.

Create your lecture presentation by using PowerPoint. Use the following steps to create your presentation.

Choose a theme for your presentation

  • There are a number of styles/themes to choose from. Choose any style you like, but it is best to stay with one style for all your lectures. If you use the same style for multiple courses, it is then very easy to copy slides from one course into another.
  • A style/theme with a lot of color will make it harder for students to write on them and will cost more for them to print.

Place your content in the slides

It is recommended that your title slide include the following:

  1. the number and name of your course
  2. the title of your lecture - use the same title slide for each lecture, so all you will need to change is the lecture title and lecture number.
  3. lecture number
  4. your name, department, and university
  • Use bold, color, symbols, spacing, and other visual devices to draw attention to key terms, concepts, and structure.
  • Use pictures liberally.
  • Use long quotes and blocks of texts sparingly.

Create an image of each slide

Use "Save As Pictures" to save each slide as a .jpg

Create a PDF version of the presentation

Use "Save As" to create a .pdf version of the presentation as "Lecture Notes."

  • If you make your slides for a lecture available to your students as a .pdf  document ("Lecture Notes"), many of your students will print them off and write notes on them as they listen to your lecture.
  • If you do not make your slides available as "lecture notes," then no one accessing your course material via the iTunes U app will be able to see your slides.