Adobe Connect Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  1. A reliable internet connection; we recommend a direct connection rather than a wireless one.
  2. A headset (you can use your built-in speakers and microphone, but you might experience feedback and ambient noise.)
  3. A camera, either built-in or USB.

Browser and Plug-in Requirements

    1. Your browser and system should be up to date. Download the current Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.
    2. We recommend that you keep your browser up to date with the latest version of Adobe Flash® Player. Download the latest Flash Player - be sure to deselect the option to include McAfee Security Scan software offer.
    3. You might be prompted to install the Adobe Connect Add-in after an Adobe Connect update or if you use screen sharing, application sharing, or file sharing for the first time. The current Add-in can be downloaded here, under "Meeting Add-ins for Adobe Connect 9."
    4. Scroll further down the same page to download the desktop version of Adobe Connect 9 if you are a host and want to use more advanced features than the online program provides. Email the Office of Instructional Design for further information on this option.