Daily Counts

The following counts are available to University of New Orleans personnel only through secure access.  These statistics ARE NOT OFFICIAL and should be used only for general purpose planning.  All requests for official recruitment, retention, and enrollment counts should be directed to the Office of Institutional Research via Data Request Form at http://www.uno.edu/registrar/forms/.

Admission Counts

Please note this is only Admission application information and does not include continuing student information

Admission Counts by Term:
http://admsvc.uno.edu/admicounts/snapshoot_sel.cfm (UNO login required)
Admission Counts by Month, Week, or Days by Term:
http://admsvc.uno.edu/admicounts/prog_by_sem_sel.cfm (UNO login required)
Admission Comparison by Semester Type (Fall, Spring, Summer)
http://admsvc.uno.edu/admicounts/comp_by_dt_type_sel.cfm (UNO Login required)


Registration Counts

Registration Counts are reports produced by Information Technology:

http://registrationcounts.uno.edu/  (UNO login required)

Enrollment Comparison by Fall Term

Timeframe:  Enrollment Comparison (Fall 2015– Fall 2014– Fall 2013 – Fall 2012– Fall 2011-Fall 2010)

Content:  Enrollment by Career,   Academic Level, Full/Part-time Status, Degree/Non-degree Status, Gender,  Ethnicity, Official Residency, Enrollment by Career/College/Student Type, Enrollment by Career/College/Student Type (Degree Seeking only, no post-baccs included)

Enrollment Trends 1958-2016

Timeframe: Annual enrollment from 1958 to 2016

Content: This two page pdf shows UNO's historical annual enrollments by undergraduates and graduates from 1958 to current.

View enrollment trends from 1958 to 2016 (pdf)

Enrollment Summaries

Timeframe: Semester summaries from official 14th Class Day data.

Content: Enrollment by College, Student Level, Ethnicity, Residency, Gender, Entry type, Curriculum, Academic Level and Enrollment by Parish/State/Country, Enrollment Headcounts for Colleges Graduates/Undergraduates, Full- and Part-time, Total Hours, Average Load, FTE, Academic Level, Age and Age Range Distribution.