Required reports to state and federal governments. Compliance and Student Right to Know information. Common Data Set.

Institutional Effectiveness Website | Board of Regents (BoR)

The Board of Regents Statewide Student Profile System section has data on all Louisiana public higher education institutions. These reports have enrollment information such as age, gender, ethnicity, declared majors, student credit hour production, parish residence, etc. Open a report and locate the UNO section.

Data and Publications | GRAD Act

Federal Government

IPEDS Datacenter

State of Louisiana Office of Planning and Budget (OPB)

Under Louisiana law, each state department must produce a strategic five-year plan that addresses requirements identified for the State's Master Plan. Updated every three years, this document includes all public higher education institutions. Measures must meet statutory requirements. They are used in Performance Based Budgeting through scheduled reporting to Louisiana Performance and Accountability (LaPAS). The 2011-12 to 2015-16 plan was revised July 2011 to align performance data with the GRAD Act. There was an effort in 2011 to align this strategic plan to match the goals and measures stated for the GRAD Act.

Louisiana Performance and Accountability (LaPAS) State Strategic

Student Consumer Information

In response to the increased need for public disclosure, the Office of Institutional Research maintains a section that responds specifically to both state and federal requirements.

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Common Data Set

The Common Data Set is a collaborative effort between the educational community and publishers such as the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report. This project resulted in standardized information across educational institutions nationwide. Its purpose was to minimize the effort required to report variations of the same data over and over. CDS standards and definitions assure that accurate and consistent information is available to the public. It is an annual report that is prepared each Spring.

CDS Topics

  • Table of Contents see Page 2 of pdf or 2nd Tab of Spreadsheets
  • A. General Information
  • B. Enrollment And Persistence
  • C. First-Time, First-Year Freshman Admission
  • D. Transfer Admission
  • E. Academic Offerings and Policies
  • F. Student Life *
  • G. Annual Expenses
  • H. Financial Aid
  • I. Instructional Faculty and Class Size
  • J. Degrees Conferred
  • Data Definitions

Common Data Set
* The Student Life (Section F) is a good source for data on Greek membership, campus residence, and average age.