ResNet Acceptable Use Directive

ResNet is a part of the UNO campus network, UNOnet, that provides information services to the entire university. ResNet and UNOnet are shared university resources. Consequently, their use requires the cooperation and assistance from the entire user community. In order for ResNet and UNOnet to be reliable and robust, ResNet users agree to abide by the following directive.

Access to ResNet is a free service offered to individual UNO student/faculty/staff residing on UNO's main campus. ResNet is provided as a service to access information resources on UNOnet and the Internet, and as such, ResNet service is for private, non-commercial use.

ResNet users are expected to use the network in a responsible and respectful manner. The University’s Acceptable Use Directive applies to ResNet, and all ResNet users agree to abide by the University’s policies. UNO’s Acceptable Use Directive includes the following important guidelines:

All network users must abide by standards of lawful and ethical behavior:

    • Refraining from any activity on the network that would infringe on the mission of the University, on the rights, integrity, or privacy of others or their data. This includes freedom from intimidation, harassment, and unwarranted annoyance.
    • Abiding by federal, state, and local laws.
    • Respecting copyrights, software licenses, intellectual property and trademarks.
    • Users must abide by campus computing directives for the responsible use of campus-wide services such as e-mail, personal network storage, the Internet, etc.

Activities that are prohibited:

    • Using the campus network to gain unauthorized access or interfere with the normal operation of any network or computer system, directly or indirectly. This includes but is not limited to transmission of any computer viruses, Trojan Horses, or worms, and any Denial of Service Attack.
    • Masking the identity of any account or system on the network.
    • Attempting to monitor or tamper with another user’s network communications.

The University provides e-mail, file, print, DHCP IP address assignment and routing services for all ResNet users. ResNet users may not run a server providing any of these functions of the network.

Information Technology will monitor ResNet and UNOnet for performance, reliability and compliance to the university’s Acceptable Use Directive. All ResNet users agree to comply with requests from IT Campus Network Administrators in terms of the operation and use of the network.