Connecting to the Internet

UNO offers wired and wireless connections all over campus. ResNet facilitates wired connections in Pontchartrain North and South, as well as Privateer Place. UNO offers Remote Desktop Connection to Faculty and Staff so that they can use the programs, they would normally use in the office, off-campus. The Telephony Team supports the entire telephone system of UNO. They provide for faculty and staff to have voicemail as well transferring lines and call forwarding.


Your computer shows there is internet access, but you get an error when trying to load a page.


Connect to Campus WiFi

Your computer should be equipped with software that protects it from network-based hazards. This software should include firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware protection. It is also very important to keep your operating system updated.

To connect to UNO’s wireless network, you must have a UNO User Account. At this time the following operating systems are supported (pdf instructions):

Wireless Networking

The University of New Orleans wireless network is available to students, faculty and staff. It provides all the conveniences of a regular wired connection without the need for cables. As a shared resource, wireless networking is intended primarily to supplement the campus wired infrastructure, not to replace it.

UNO has two wireless networks: UNOGuest and UNOSecure.

UNOSecure is accessible by anyone with a UNO LAN username and password. All faculty, staff, and students have a LAN username and password.

UNOGuest is for visitors who do not have a UNO LAN credentials. Visitors can request access to the network by having a sponsoring UNO faculty or staff member fill out the UNOGuest Access form. Visitors must have a valid reason for needing UNOGuest access.

Request UNOGuest access for visitor (username and password required).

Wireless Security

The wireless network at UNO makes use of a security scheme based on Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) that uses a combination of Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) for authentication and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) for encryption.  Configuration of secure wireless settings varies depending on the operating system and the type of wireless adapter. In Windows XP, for instance, you can use Windows to configure your wireless settings, or you can make use of the configuration utility provided with your wireless adapter, as long as this utility has all the requirements to connect to the UNO wireless network.