Information Technology General Use Directive

The following directive applies to all students, faculty, and staff who use any UNO IT resource including individual workstations, computer labs, campus network, modem pool, email, file and application servers, PeopleSoft, etc.

  1. Users shall be issued accounts for the systems to which they are authorized, and the user accounts will remain active for the period the individual is either employed or enrolled, in good standing, at UNO.  Students who graduate from UNO will be allowed to keep their email account.
  2. Proper use of accounts is the responsibility of the individual to whom it has been assigned.  User accounts shall not be shared with others, and all account passwords will be kept secret.  Users are expected to change their passwords when there is any suspicion of account theft. 
  3. The unauthorized use of someone else's account shall be considered theft and computer fraud.  Users shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any IT system.
  4. When an employee's status changes due to departmental reorganization, termination, retirement, etc., send e-mail to, in order to change PS security appropriately.
  5. UNO IT resources are to be used only for University related purposes, and personal use that interferes with authorized University use is prohibited.  Personal use that creates a direct cost for the University is also prohibited.
  6. UNO IT resources shall not be used for on-going commercial purposes.
  7. Use of IT resources prohibited by UNO or UL System Policies, State, and Federal Law are prohibited.
  8. Electronic records and email stored on University systems are subject to both State and Federal Privacy Acts as well as Freedom of Information Acts.  University systems should not be regarded as secure modes for storing or communicating sensitive or confidential information. 
  9. Users shall respect intellectual property rights of others and shall not use IT resources in violation of Copyright and Trademark Laws.  Users shall not attempt to intercept data, programs, and information that belong to others.
  10. Student, employee, and financial information relating to the University of New Orleans and its students, employees, and faculty is considered confidential and made available to employees or contractors solely for the performance of official University duties. Employees and contractors shall protect the privacy and confidentiality of student, employee, and financial information to which they have access and shall not access student, employee, or financial information unless such access is required for the performance of their official duties.
  11. Users shall respect the privacy of others and shall not use IT resources to spam, intimidate, harass, or stalk.
  12. Users shall not use University IT resources for viewing or developing pornographic, obscene, or potentially libelous materials.
  13. Users shall not create or release viruses, worms, or use any software or system to interfere with the normal operation of any University or non-University IT resource.
  14. Users shall not load unauthorized programs onto any University system without the explicit permission of the system owner.
  15. Users shall cooperate with University employees conducting authorized investigations of suspected violations of UNO Computer Directives.  UNO shall investigate allegations of inappropriate use of University IT resources, and may take immediate action to protect the University and IT resources when the University deems such actions to be appropriate and in the best interests of the University.
  16. Users who violate UNO's IT Protocol may lose their privileges.