Employee Account Termination

During the 30-day grace period commencing with the conclusion of your UNO employment, you should take care of the following items:


For retirees only, a new e-mail mailbox will be created for you with the same username as you are currently using. Existing messages, as well as the personal contacts and the established rules of the current mailbox, will be transferred to the new mailbox.

If you are leaving the university, but you are not a retiree, you should copy any email you would like to retain using the archive process described in Archiving Messages. Note that the web-based OWA e-mail client cannot be used to archive messages. You must use a computer that has Outlook to archive any desired messages. You will be creating a .PST file which can then be saved (for example, to a flash drive).

I-drive Documents

Any desired documents that are now saved on your I-drive will have to be preserved on a different medium. Perhaps the easiest medium to use is a flash drive. Plug the flash drive into the computer's USB port so it can be accessed like any other connected drive. Then through the My Computer window, you can copy whatever files you want to save with a copy-paste action, perhaps creating folders in the process.

Another method for preserving files from your I-drive is burning a CD. The disadvantage of this method is the need of a computer that has a drive that can create the CD as well as the need for comparable software to create that CD. A second drawback is that the preserved files are static--they cannot be changed; a file would have to be copied to some other disk (like the hard disk of your home computer) before it can be modified.

S-drive Documents

Any files that you deposited on the departmental shared drive are no longer available to you. If there are some personal files that you need to retrieve, you must contact your former supervisor, who will contact the Help Desk about copying specific files from the departmental S-drive to a specific folder on your I-drive. Then you can retrieve those files much like did for any other files on your I-drive. In the message to the Help Desk, the supervisor will need to indicate

  • your name
  • your username
  • the name and location of the desired file on the S-drive
  • the name of a new folder on your I-drive to receive the copied files