Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists: Defined

Distribution list is a term sometimes used for a function of email clients where lists of email addresses are used to email everyone on the list at once. This can be referred to as an electronic mailshot. It differs from a mailing list, electronic mailing list or the email option found in an Internet forum as it is usually for one way traffic and not for coordinating a discussion. In effect, only members of a distribution list can send mails to the list.

Compare & Contrast

CPP Distribution Lists

  1. Are used to send messages to a particular subset of UNO students; usually to send announcements.
  2. Membership is requester-specified by Career, Program ,or Plan designations.
  3. Has One-way communication; recipients can not respond to messages sent to CPP Lists
  4. Are created and managed by IT. Changes will be made within two workdays of request.
  5. Are named, in part, by the requester.
  6. Members must use Exchange.
  7. Members must have a UNO e-mail address.

Listserv Distribution Lists

  1. Provide two-way communication among a number of users with common interests.
  2. Subscription can be open or closed:

    Open subscription allows anyone to subscribe (and unsubscribe) at will.

    Closed subscription allows only the owners to add and remove members
  3. Can have multiple owners and editors. Both can initiate messages, but only owners can add new members and remove others.
  4. Are named, in part, by the requester.
  5. Can provide digests: a collection of messages bundled together and sent as a single message.
  6. Can provide an archive of previously distributed messages.
  7. Members can be NON-UNO users.
  8. Members can have NON-UNO e-mail addresses.

CPP Academic Distribution Lists

A Career-Plan-Program Academic Distribution list is a distribution list created and maintained by IT. Members are automatically added to and removed from the list as individual students change any part of their CPP categories.

CPP Academic Distribution List FAQ | Request a CPP Academic Distribution List

Listserv Distribution Lists

A Listserv allows individuals to subscribe (i.e., join) the List as well as unsubscribe or discontinue membership as desired. A Listserv is created to provide an electronic forum to discuss topics of a common interest. When a message is sent (or posted) to the List, that message is automatically distributed to the list members. Most Listserv's provide an archive feature which preserves all messages sent to the list so that a subscriber can review all past messages.

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