Computer Purchasing Directive

Desktop and Laptop Computers

It is strongly recommended that desktop and laptop computers be purchased from State Contract and must meet the minimum specifications, including a 5 year warranty. Dell and HP are highly recommended. Requests for computers from sources other than State Contract must include a completed Computer Purchasing form signed by the Head of Department confirming compliance with the Purchasing Equipment directive. These minimum specifications set by the Louisiana Office of Telecommunications.

If assistance is required to determine whether a configuration meets the minimum specifications, send the specs and description of use to Nick Cutrera, Manager of Desktop Services, (email: The Department will accept responsibility for support and repair from the vendor when the purchase is not from State Contract.

The PDF form "Confirmation of Minimum Specifications for Computers Purchased from Sources Other Than State Contract" may be found on SharePoint and is listed in the Resources box.

Licensing, Warranty, and Encryption Standards

The operating system on the IT list of minimum specifications, “guaranteed Windows 7 ready” indicates that any version of the MS operating system, including the home version of Windows is acceptable.  Our Microsoft campus license agreement allows for any version of Windows to be upgraded to the newest institutional version. 

Three year warranty is required, including the need to purchase an extended warranty if the computer comes with only a one year warranty.

Any computers sent off site for repair, upgrade or travel must have the hard drive removed or encrypted or a statement from the department confirming that no sensitive University data is contained on it.

Use of Verbal POs

All desktop and laptop computers (including those under $1000) must be requested on a hard copy requisition with appropriate signature(s). If they are not a State Contract purchase, the form (Computer Purchase Authorization) confirming that minimum specs are met must be signed by the Department Head. The department equipment custodian should have an internal departmental system for marking computers costing less than $1000 as UNO Property and tracking their location.

Netbooks, tablets and iPads (not iPods) can be purchased on Verbal POs with no minimum specifications.

Electronic Device Applications

Applications for electronic devices such as iPad, Android, etc. costing less than $25.00 per unit will be paid by the individual. Those applications costing more than $25.00 per unit may be purchased on a personal credit card and reimbursed by check request with an original receipt and a memo explaining the business use of the application.