Computer Lab Directives

The University of New Orleans provides students and faculty with Information Technology (IT) labs to support learning, discovery, and service. Use of UNO Computer Labs is a privilege, not a right, and abuses of UNO Computer Lab Directives or the General Use Directives may result in the loss of lab privileges.

Authorized Users

Due to limited facilities, use of General Purpose Student Open Labs is restricted to students who are currently enrolled and in good standing with the University. Use of Departmental labs may be restricted to students who are currently enrolled in courses that require the use of specific departmental facilities.

Directive Scope

The following Computer Lab Directive applies to all users of UNO Computer Labs.

  1. Users of UNO computer labs agree to abide by all of UNO's General Use Directives.
  2. Lab Assistants are to be treated with respect and all their instructions are to be followed.
  3. Use of General Purpose Student Open Labs is by a first-come first-serve basis. During high demand periods, the University may impose time limitations on use.
  4. Use of Departmental Labs may be limited to only students enrolled in specific courses.
  5. Currently enrolled students have priority of use.
  6. Users playing computer games or engaging in non-constructive use while others are waiting to use machines for University-related assignments or projects will be asked to relinquish their machines.
  7. The installation of any software onto a lab computer is prohibited unless the request was approved in advance by the Chief Information Officer.
  8. Lab users will be respectful of others and will not make unnecessary noise and distractions. Low conversations that are not disturbing to others are permitted. Loud talking and behavior is not permitted.
  9. Reasonable printing or downloading of information is permitted. Limitations on printing or downloading of information may be imposed by different laboratories.
  10. Users shall be respectful of lab equipment and facilities. Abuse or mishandling of equipment is prohibited.
  11. Food, drink, and phone usage in UNO Student Computer Laboratories is prohibited.
  12. When leaving the laboratory, users are expected to clean work areas by removing all papers, disks, books, and any other items of personal property.
  13. Animals are not allowed in computer labs, unless they are service animals.
  14. Before any lab closes, the Lab Assistant in charge will give a ten minute warning. During this period, lab users are expected to print and save what they are doing, and logoff the network.
  15. Printouts should be picked up 5 minutes before closing. No output will be distributed at closing time.
  16. Users who violate UNO Computer Lab Directives or General Use Directives may be asked to leave UNO Computer Labs.
  17. Flagrant violations of Computer Lab Directives or General Use Directives will result in the loss of computer lab privileges.