New Computer Account Distribution

Affecting New Employees and New Students

User names for new employees and new students are distributed to them directly via an automated "Welcome to UNO" email to their personal email address provided when they were hired, applied, or checked-in. Instructions are included in the welcome email on how to initialize a password using the new Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) system. The welcome email will also include a link to the UNO Campus IT Use policy, which all new users are required to read. By initializing a password, the new user is agreeing to and accepting the conditions of this policy.

If you have not received your account information, contact the Help Desk Phone: 280-4357 (HELP) and they will correct your alternate email address and resend the credentials to you.

When new employees and students arrive at UNO, the IT department creates computer accounts for them. These accounts are needed very early in the process of on-boarding people into University systems. IT has deployed a new suite of applications designed to automate and simplify the creation of new computer accounts for students and employees.

For the past decade, new students have had to browse to a web site to retrieve their username and password by answering personal questions. They were required to immediately change their password, and to accept the UNO Campus IT Use policy within 14 days or else their account would expire.

The experience for students or new employees was one of starting out by typing a 15 character complex pre-expired password, only to have to type in another complex password 2 times and then they would be able to use the account. Then they were required to accept the use policy or be locked out. This was not a friendly user experience and we have tried to redesign the new system to simplify the process and get new users using their new accounts more efficiently.

As part of the implementation of the new account management system, personal, non-UNO email addresses will be required by HRM when new employees are hired, by Enrollment Services when new students apply, and by International Students and Scholars when new international employees and students check-in and attend orientation.