Housing Information

How do I make a housing reservation?

1. Get your student visa
2. Send us a copy of your flight details
3. Email us your housing choice!

There are 2 options for housing on campus: Pontchartrain Hall Dormitory and Privateer Place Apartments.


Pontchartrain Hall Dormitory

Pontchartrain Halls - North and South - located at Milneburg Road and St. Anthony Avenue on the UNO Lakefront campus, offer state-of-the-art student housing. Pontchartrain Hall housing fees must be paid in full the first week of classes.

The housing reservation begins two days before the session starts and ends two days after the last day of the session. If you would like add more days, there is a $25/day charge.

pontchartrain hall
Estimated Cost
$1445 Rent
$925 Required Meal Plan
$300 Deposit ($75 is non-refundable)
$2617.50 Total

Privateer Place Apartments

Interested in apartment-style living that's conveniently located on our campus? Privateer Place is a privately owned apartment style facility located on the UNO campus.
IELP Session Cost (2-bedroom) Cost (4-bedroom)
Room Cost per Session $1399* $1179*
Fall II 2017 Break  (24 days) $624 $456
Spring I 2018 Break (13 days) $338 $247
Spring II 2018 Break (20 days) $520 $380

Additional Fees: $200 Administrative Fee (nonrefundable). $375 Refundable Payment Deposit (without U.S. Guarantor). These are estimated costs. Please contact Privateer Place for the most up-to-date information.