UNO Honors Program Details

Your Initial PlacementEnglish Placement Guidelines

In your first semester as an Honors student, you will be placed into appropriate Honors Courses according to your English level. Please see our guidelines to find out which courses are right for you.

See English Placement Guidelines

Honors Courses at UNOHonors Courses

As an honors student at UNO, you will take honors courses that are required to graduate with university honors. A list of honors courses are available
for download.

See Honors Courses

Honors Option at UNOHonors Option

The honors option allows students to earn honors credit in a course not specifically designated "honors."

Learn more about Honors Options

Honors Thesis at UNOHonors Thesis

As the final step toward graduation with honors, each student is expected to write a senior thesis or complete and senior project.

See Guidelines for Senior Honors Thesis