Honors Council

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The Honors Council is the Honors Program's official student organization. All students who are admitted to the Honors Program are members of the Council. Members of the Council participate in fund-raising and social events, such as fall and spring parties, film festivals held on campus, BBQs, midnight bowling, the Honors Convocation, and monthly meetings featuring free food and beverages.

The Council also makes recommendations to the Honors Director and Committee on Honors and help publish Benten, the official Honors Program newsletter.

Honors Council Officers

Each year, the Honors Council appoints several officers to oversee the functioning of the organization. These students are peer-elected and any Honors student in good standing is eligible to campaign. Elections are usually held in the spring.

Michelle Butcher (UPL)

Pemba Sherpa (ENME)

Matthew Thomas (ENC)

Meijah Lieteau (MUC)

Edwin Interiano (ENME)

JosePublic Relations
Jose Berlioz (ENEE)