University of New Orleans Panhellenic Association Recruitment Rules

PHARecruitment Rules 2016

The purpose of these rules is to abide by the National Panhellenic Conference Rules and Guidelines and to address situations not specifically outlined in the University of New Orleans Panhellenic Association Bylaws. Any action or activity by any individual or chapter that in the opinion of the majority of the officers of the Panhellenic Association is contrary to the spirit and intent of those bylaws, these rules, or the University of New Orleans Panhellenic Association Code of Ethics shall be considered an infraction of such and shall be handled accordingly.

Membership Recruitment Procedures

1. Attendance at Recruitment events is limited to initiated and new members listed on the official chapter roster as submitted to the Greek Life advisor prior to the first day of Recruitment.

2. In cases where a chapter's membership numbers are low, the Panhellenic Association may grant permission for additional alumnae or collegians from other campuses to recruit potential new members. Requests for this permission must be made in writing at least 14 days prior to the first day of Recruitment. Alumnae and visiting collegians must obey all silence restrictions and other membership recruitment regulations. Alumnae and visiting collegians must wear a nametag identifying them as such throughout all rounds of recruitment or anytime when interaction with a potential new member may occur.

3. The Recruitment Silence period begins immediately following the first Open House Round and ends immediately following Preference events. No chapter member, alumna, or advisor may entertain an unaffiliated woman during this period. Contact between sorority women and potential new members shall be limited to communication necessary to convey common courtesy or to complete academic assignments (class work, group projects, etc.). This includes all types of communication, including verbal, written, printed, typed, or via web or texting.

4. Strict Silence is the period in which there will be no contact between potential members and chapter members, alumnae, or advisors. This includes all types of communication, including verbal, written, printed, typed, or via web or texting. Strict Silence will be observed between the end of a potential member's final Preference event and the time when she reports to the sorority from which she has accepted a bid.

Membership Recruitment Structure and Policies

5. Chapters should submit their final rosters by midnight on May 1st. Room assignments for Fall Recruitment will be decided based on the number of members in each chapter at the time of the submission.

6. By midnight of July 31, each chapter must submit a Wish List of all items they plan to use during each round of Recruitment and room layouts of each round for approval by the Panhellenic Recruitment Coordinator. This list must be itemized by round and must include a breakdown of the cost or fair market value of each item. Items that will be utilized in more than one round (i.e. tablecloths, helium tanks, etc.) should be listed for each round of use with a notation that they are repeats. Items that are owned or borrowed by a chapter or its members must also be included. The following items do not have to be included in the budget breakdown, but they must still be listed: wooden "yard letters," laptop computers, projectors and screens, framed chapter composites, chapter scrapbooks, members' personal paraphernalia (jerseys, picture frames, key chains, etc.), chapter awards, and lattice work. Lattice work will be limited to the amount necessary to cover one wall (whichever is shortest) of the chapter's recruitment room. Panhellenic advisors and the Executive Board have the right to refuse any item listed on a wish list. 

7. Each chapter must attend a mandatory wish list meeting with the recruitment chair. In attendance will be the Panhellenic recruitment chair, Greek advisor, and chapter recruitment chair. Chapter presidents and chapter advisor(s) have the option of attending their chapter's wish list meeting.

8.  A chapter roster must be turned in to the recruitment chair at the beginning of the month of recruitment.

9. Potential members may not leave Recruitment events with any favor, note, gift, or souvenir.

10. Chapters may not rent items from outside vendors for use during Recruitment events. This is to include chairs, tables, tablecloths, plants, etc. All tables and chairs to be used for Recruitment events will be provided by the Panhellenic Association.  A chapter may utilize temporary pedestal tables upon request and approval by the Panhellenic recruitment chair and Greek advisor.

11. Continuous Open Bidding will begin at noon Bid Day and will be continuous throughout the regular academic year including semester break. Continuous Open Bidding ends the day final exams begin for the Spring Semester.

Recruitment Rounds and Schedule

12.  Alumnae may not wear same recruitment outfits or color schemes as active chapter members. 

13.  All chapters may wear different shirts for sisterhood round, but the design must be submitted and approved by the recruitment coordinators.

14.  75% of each chapter must attend a mandatory Recruitment Rules review. This is to ensure all rules are completely understood and everyone is on the same page.

15. Recruitment should take place earlier in the fall semester, a weekend before Labor Day.

16. The night before the first round of recruitment, each sorority’s entire chapter will be allowed two hours to decorate/set up their recruitment room Two alumnae, or an alumna and the VP or recruitment, will be permitted to enter the recruitment room to set up each day two hours before the entire chapter is allowed to set up. The entire chapter will then be allowed to set up Thursday and Friday at 2 o’clock, and Saturday at 10 o’clock.  Each sorority will be able to leave their room assembled throughout formal recruitment. (Based upon approval by UC Staff.) Chapter members have to have their rooms ready an hour before recruitment rounds are scheduled to start. If the chapter is not ready for room checks when the Recruitment Chair comes around then there will be a $100 fine.

17. The UNO Panhellenic council shall provide each sorority with a storage space in the same building as their recruitment room during formal recruitment. (based upon availability in building per campus booking)

Finances and Budgeting

18. The Recruitment budget for each chapter shall be $600.00. Each chapter shall have the discretion to determine how the money will be allocated. 

19. The Recruitment budget shall include all items, including, but not limited to, decorations, supplies, flowers and donated items. Panhellenic strongly urges every sorority to use sound judgment, discretion, common sense, and maturity in planning and maintaining a realistic and financially sound budget during Recruitment.

Recruitment Counselors

20.  Sorority Recruitment Counselors shall disaffiliate from their sororities for Recruitment. Disaffiliation shall start 30 days before recruitment and last until the end of Strict Silence. They may not participate in their own chapter's Recruitment events (other than in their capacity as representatives of Panhellenic) or in the membership selection process. They may not communicate with new members via their normal Facebook; they must make a special Facebook account for the purpose of communicating with PNMs. They may not wear or display their organization's insignia (letters, flip flops, jewelry, license plate covers, etc.) while disaffiliated. They may not attend regular chapter meetings. If the Sorority Recruitment Counselor holds a position in her own sorority, then she will be allowed to attend chairmen/e-board meetings when necessary, but is not allowed to be around for recruitment discussions. During Orientation Fests, Sorority Recruitment Counselors will be required to disaffiliate from their chapter for the duration of the event.

21. Each chapter shall be responsible for removing from flyers, web sites, photo albums, etc. all references to their members who are disaffiliated. This shall be done no later than the first New Student Orientation session of the summer. Sorority Recruitment Counselors shall be responsible for removing from their profiles on  In addition, they are responsible for placing all other social media sites to "private," concealing their affiliation.  (This is including, but not limited to, twitter, Instagram, vine, etc...). This shall be done no later than two days prior to the first New Student Orientation session of the summer.

22. Sorority Recruitment Counselors must have gone through formal sorority recruitment on the ‘chapter’ side before becoming a Recruitment Counselor. Recruitment Counselors must understand all sides of recruitment and its processes before becoming a recruitment counselor.

23. Each chapter that is not represented by the VP of Recruitment or the Assistant VP of Recruitment must supply two recruitment counselors.

Promotion for Recruitment

24. Each chapter will be responsible for providing a designated amount of volunteers for the marketing and promotion of Recruitment to potential members. A chapter will be fined $20.00 for each member not in attendance. If all members are not at the event when the Recruitment Chair checks attendance the members will be considered absent and the chapter will be fined.

25. Each sorority chapter must provide a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) girls at each summer orientation fest to promote sorority recruitment. Flyers and other small items, such as baked goods, may be given to potential new members at these events but are limited to non-extravagant items based on the discretion of the Panhellenic recruitment chair. No sorority women are to promote their own chapter directly but must promote Greek life and sorority recruitment as a whole. Table decorations and balloons are allowed for each sorority.

Recruitment Infractions

26. In accordance with the NPC Unanimous Agreements regarding penalties for infractions, the following penalties shall be in place for measurable infractions:

a.     Each 0-15 minutes lists/invitations are entered late into ICS – $75.00 fine

b.    Late wish list - $75.00

c.     Each chapter member whose Social Media profiles are not set to private and whose Facebook profiles are not deactivated by the deadline – $25.00 fine

d.    Each minor item (favor, note, gift, or souvenir) given to a potential member outside of the guidelines established in rule #2 – $75.00 fine

e.    Each violation of the noise provisions in rule #5 – $75.00 fine

f.     Each item with sorority insignia (new member pin, badge, etc.) removed from a Recruitment event by a potential member – $100.00 fine

g.    Each instance of a Sorority Recruitment Counselor shown in a picture, video, slide show, web site, etc. once disaffiliation begins – $100.00 fine

h.    Break in silence of any form from chapter members, Sorority Recruitment Counselors, or anyone recruiting from any chapter – $100.00. If the break in silence occurs during the nights of Recruitment the fine will be doubled.

i.      A violation of the Sorority Recruitment Counselor and Sorority Member Decorum and Behavior in rule #23 and 30 - $100.00 fine

j.      Each missing member from the 75% attendance at Recruitment Rules meeting in rule #18 - $20.00 fine per missing member

k.     Each chapter that falsely claims That a “malfunction” occurred with recruitment/ICS-$50.00

l.      Any fraternity shirt worn during fraternity recruitment week-$10

m.   Each chapter has two weeks to pay their infraction from the day that they are notified by email by the recruitment chair.

n.    For every day past a deadline that a payment in late there will be a $20 fine.

o.    If a chapter has more than 3 infractions non-related to social media, they will be ineligible for Greek Awards.

27. Any chapter that receives three penalties for infractions listed in rule #32 (excluding 32a) will lose their eligibility to win awards from the university for the remainder of the academic year. The Panhellenic Judicial Committee will also have the authority to assign this penalty for other infractions if they deem it appropriate.

Number of members required at each recruitment event:


Dorm Storm: 3-5 members


Letters in the Amp/UC: 5 members for the entire time

Luau: Entire Chapter

Fresh Fest: 5 members for the entire time

Late Night: Entire Chapter

Orientation Fests: 3-5 members

Move In Day: Entire Chapter

Move In Day Cookout: 3-5 members