NPHC Membership Intake

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NPHC organizations bring in new members through a process called Membership Intake. Generally, students must have completed at least 12 semester hours at UNO (though some groups require more) and be in good academic standing to be eligible for membership in an NPHC organization. Each organization sets an individual timetable as to when it will conduct Intake according to their national and local policies. NPHC hosts a "Late Night with the Greeks Expo and Greek 101 informational" each fall during which prospective members can learn about the different chapters. For information about the Intake policies and membership requirements of a particular fraternity or sorority, check the organization's national web site.

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Students who are interested in joining an NPHC fraternity or sorority should follow these guidelines:

Educate Yourself

Do research on the Greek organizations to see which one has the ideas, goals, and purpose that are most in line with your own. Check out their national and chapter websites, which are linked from the pull-down menu to the left. Attend events consistently, and look for flyers, posters, and other publicity about programs and functions of the organization that you are interested in.

Introduce Yourself

When you find an organization that sparks your interest, talk to the members of that organization. Try to measure how comfortable you are with these people.

Be Prepared

Because NPHC organizations are service-based, most are interested in having members who have a genuine appreciation and interest in their organization, have researched its history, exemplify its standards, have leadership and community service experience, and can contribute to making the chapter stronger.

Attend an Informational

For most organizations, an informational of some sort is the primary event where the criteria for membership are explained. These are usually publicized via flyer or by invitation sent directly to you depending on the organization.