Fraternity and Sorority Life 

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Natalie Temple
Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Emily Bevolo
Graduate Assistant for Fraternity and Sorority Life

The Greek community at the University of New Orleans is comprised of a diverse group of fraternities and sororities. Our eleven organizations offer those who are interested in Greek membership the chance to find a group that matches their values and personalities.

Regardless of the fraternity or sorority you choose, membership in a Greek organization will enhance your collegiate experience. It is also likely to have a positive impact upon your life after college. A study by the Center for Advanced Social Research found that fraternity men and sorority women:

    • Have better grades than other students
    • Are more likely to finish college than other students
    • Tend to be more successful financially than other college graduates
    • Are more active in community activities after graduation



Going to college with 8,000 other students can be overwhelming at times. But joining a fraternity or sorority allows students to become a part of a smaller supportive network of friends. Greek organizations provide social activities including mixers, formals, step shows and other special events, but they also offer a family atmosphere and friendships that last a lifetime.


Community service is an essential aspect of Greek life. Each fraternity and sorority was founded upon philanthropic ideals and therefore offers numerous opportunities for members to serve the community. 


Fraternities and sororities provide a solid foundation in leadership training that prepares them for the demands and responsibilities they will face after college. Officers within each chapter manage the day-to-day operations of the chapter. In addition, most organizations have regional and national leadership conferences.


Each fraternity and sorority emphasizes the importance of academics. Through high standards for membership to scholarships to tutoring programs, Greek organizations challenge their members to reach their full academic potential.