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This document provides:

1. The current requirements

2. Procedures for submitting your manuscript.

A new version is published each semester. Students are required to meet the format requirements in effect the semester that they will graduate.


UNO Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD Collection)

The Graduate School at the University of New Orleans began accepting electronic versions of Theses and Dissertations in 2001. As of August 2006, the collection of over 400 manuscripts is housed with ScholarWorks@UNO, institutional repository for the University of New Orleans. 

If you would like to access a manuscript you may go to: 

The UNO Thesis & Dissertation Collection portal ( 

Access Levels

When you are getting ready to submit your manuscript for review by your committee and by the Graduate School you should consider what access you would like your manuscript to have.  The official and final copy will be the one hosted by ScholarWorks.  You have 3 separate options to consider:


1. Unrestricted - this means your manuscript will be immediately accessible in ScholarWorks by anyone who finds it there.

2. Restricted - this means that only people accessing ScholarWorks from a UNO IP address can view the manuscript.  Anyone accessing ScholarWorks off-campus will not be able to view the manuscript. This status is only available for 1 calendar year from graduation.  After 1 year the manuscript reverts to unrestricted access.

3. Embargoed - this means that no one can view the manuscript in ScholarWorks.  Manuscripts can be embargoed for 1,3, or 5 years after graduation.


You may want to review the Earl K. Long Library's website on Open Access to fully consider your options.


Bound Copies

There is no on-campus service for binding manuscripts. Students seeking a bound copy need to contact a bindery independent of UNO. 

Services in the New Orleans area include Walter W. Eckert Binder & Specialty Co. Inc. 941 Lafayette St. New Orleans, 504-525-3545 and National Index Bindery on L&A Road in Metairie, 504-828-7991. 

There are also binders who process requests online such as Heckman Bindery in Indiana, and Houchen Bindery,


Dissertations and ProQuest

All doctoral students pay a $45 dissertation microfilming fee at the time that they pay their Graduation Fees. This fee goes to ProQuest Information and Learning (PQIL) , a corporation that will microfilm and archive the dissertation as well as assign it a unique ISBN and create a bibliographic record for distribution to resources such as OCLC, Silver Platter, STN and Dialog. 

In addition to payment of the fee, PQIL requires students to complete an Author Agreement form. The form requires students' selection of either the Open Access or Traditional Publishing options. There is an additional $95 fee for the Open Access option. Forms with a copy of the dissertation title page and abstract attached should be turned in to the Graduate School office. 

The Graduate School will forward the form and the electronic manuscript to PQIL for processing after the official graduation date. PQIL suggests that authors should allow up to 16 weeks between receipt of the form and release of the dissertation. 

Please note: Although the Graduate School collects the fees and agreement forms for distribution, PQIL is an agency independent of the University of New Orleans. Any agreement between students and PQIL for services such as copyright registration, or discounted copies of your dissertation, in addition to the decision on options of access are also independent of UNO. Students are encouraged to make copies of the Author Agreement form for their records before turning them in to the Graduate School office. 

Students who may decide to opt out of this service must complete a waiver form in the Graduate School office. The microfilming fee will not be refunded.


Research on Human Animal Subjects

Certification of compliance must be included in the manuscript for students conducting research on human or animal subjects. Please visit the following sites to ensure compliance: 

Human Subjects--Institutional Review Board-Human Subjects site
Animal Subjects--Office of Research site