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The Graduate School at the University of New Orleans leads the state as an
institution of higher learning, a center of excellence, and key to economic development. Please join in our campaign to strengthen the Graduate School through support of graduate education.

A strong Graduate School serves the University, the New Orleans region and the state. The School’s graduate programs support creative, scholarly and research programs in the academic colleges and professional programs at UNO. These programs produce innovative and productive scholars for colleges, universities, and leading technology/research corporations for the region, state and nation. Additionally, an active graduate program adds a unique richness to the undergraduate educational experience through programs which integrate undergraduate students with innovative research and scholarship.

Graduate study at UNO prepares students for careers and occupations that span a broad range of activities—from jazz, film and fine arts to information assurance and nanotechnology; from hotel, restaurant and tourism to clean power and energy; from reforming public education to coastal restoration. In academia and industry the leaders in these fields will come from the graduate programs at the University.

Giving Opportunities in the Graduate School

Minority Fellowships

Your contribution to the Minority Fellowship Fund will enable the Graduate School to extend our successful SREB/BoR/Ernest G. Chachere Doctoral Diversity Fellowship program to minority graduate students seeking master’s and doctoral degrees in other high-demand programs of distinction.

alexAlex Figueroa, 2008-2009 recipient of a SREB/BoR/Ernest G. Chachere Doctoral Diversity Fellowship is working toward a doctoral degree in Conservation Biology with Simon Lailvaux, assistant professor of biology, to study the evolution and behavioral ecology of arboreal snakes, snakes that live in trees. Figueroa has a bachelor's degree in natural resources management from Rutgers University and a master's degree in earth and environmental sciences from Loma Linda University.

Women in STEM Disciplines Fellowships 

Currently the University has no programs for another crucial underrepresented group, U.S. women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. Your contribution to the U.S. Women in STEM Disciplines Fund will allow the Graduate School to address this national priority.

emilyEmily Kuhn, who graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in psychology from UNO in May 2009, is working with Robert "Bobby" Laird, associate professor of psychology, on how family and peer relationships influence development of youth behavioral and social problems and competencies.


Graduate School Alumni Fund 

Annual giving to the Graduate School Alumni Fund also supports travel and conference registration at national and regional conferences.